Tidal by Emily Snow

Now that Willow Avery is out of rehab, she’s got one chance left to prove herself before she’s officially on every producer’s crap list. At least, that’s what her parents and agent are claiming. She doesn’t really give a damn if she never makes another movie or not—she just wants to get on with her life, get back to her friends, and find her next escape. But Willow is broke. And whether she likes it or not, acting is the only job she knows how to do.

When she accepts the lead in a beach drama, Willow finds herself in Hawaii. And in Hawaii, she finds Cooper, the gorgeous surfer hired to train her for her new role. With the bluest eyes she’s ever seen and the sexiest Australian accent she’s ever heard, Cooper’s different from the men she’s used to. He doesn’t want to use her. And he refuses to let her fail. But when an old friend re-enters Willow’s life—a friend whose toxicity she’s been drawn to time and time before and whose presence brings about the painful memories she’s tried so hard to suppress—Willow will have to choose between the girl she was and the person she’s becoming. The lifestyle that helps her forget the pain and the guy she’s falling hard for.

*A New Adult romance that contains some adult content*

My Review of Tidal by Emily Snow

From the moment that I started Tidal I was sucked into the story. Willow Avery is saucy and sarcastic but she has had a lot in her short life to make her cynical. Growing up as a movie star and leading life in the public eye has certainly not be easy for her. Like many she has grown up issues at a very young age and controlling parents that don’t give her the space or the ability to deal with her issues or talk about them, better swept under the rug and kept out of the tabloids. She is harboring a major secret one that the tabloids have never gotten hold of, but not being able to tell anyone is ripping her apart and makes her turn to drugs.

Fresh out of rehab she is immediately swept away to star in a remake of a film Tidal.  Given no time to process what she needs being fresh from rehab, she is flown immediately off to Hawaii to start training with the stunningly handsome Cooper Taylor.  Cooper runs a surfing school and is tasked by the movie producer to teach her how to surf for her new role in the upcoming film. Cooper is not without secrets and heartache of his own which Willow comes to find out that he is every bit as broken as she is. Willow finds herself attracted to Cooper instantly, but this confuses her tremendously as she has really shut herself down to emotions through the tragedy she has experienced with relationships in a completely public eye. Willow tries to hide from the feelings but it doesn’t take her long to realize that Cooper is breaking down the walls that she has built up.

Willow is still fighting the desire to turn back to the drugs which have helped her become numb to the pressure to be the perfect daughter and actress that the world seems to be expecting of her. Its a lot of pressure for a 19 year old that has already been dealt a crappy hand in life. 

When her friend Jessica a fellow actress comes to Hawaii for a visit and tempts her back into the life, Willow is at a vulnerable low point after having a heartbreaking phone call from her mother.  Willow could easily revert to her old ways and numbing habits.  During Jessica’s visit a secret that is revealed about Cooper leaves her feeling worse and causes her to feel betrayed.  Willow decides to reveal all to Cooper in her secrets, but doesn’t know that she is revealing them to someone other then Cooper.  She creates quite a mess and in the end gets the help that she truly needs to overcome her heartache and deal with the secret that she is harboring.  Cooper being a man of his word is truly there for her in the end and brings her the happiness that she so desires with one very BIG SURPRISE even I never saw coming!!!

The book gets a solid 5 stars from me. The flow of the book was wonderful and kept me wanting more and more every page I read. It still left me wanting even more at the end…

I love Willow and Cooper and what can I say I am a sucker for blue eyed Australian beach bums!  Emily knocks it out of the park with Tidal!!!

Get the book and read Tidal you won’t be disappointed!