I’m failing.

My younger brother is getting worse, and my job – my duty – is to help him at all costs. We’ve tried everything modern medicine has to offer and nothing works.


Deciding to turn to unconventional treatments, we end up at Fire-on-the-Mountain, a holistic resort deep in the Rockies.

In our search for medical marijuana, I find beautiful, free-spirited Hudson Shavell – a girl who may not only hold the key to heal my brother, but to fix me as well. Even though I can’t afford distractions right now, she’s all I can think about. All that I want.

It’s funny how everything can change with one little SPARK.
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“Hey, stud man. We haven’t even been here an hour and you’ve already got the hot chicks flocking to you. I’m impressed.” Smirking, he ruffles the back of my new friend Caleb’s sandy-colored hair, his twinkling green eyes still locked on mine.

The cute, freckle-faced kid cranes his neck up to look at him with a big, goofy grin. “Well, I learned from the best of the best.”

“That you did, lil’ bro. That you most certainly did,” he repeats lowly, obviously referring to himself. The taunting smirk transforms into a full-blown, I-get-girls-to-drop-their-panties-at-will smile, and I subtly grab ahold of the chair in front of me, steadying myself from whatever craziness is happening inside of me while praying my tights are immune to his allure and stay up on my hips.

Okay, so maybe he’s a wee bit full of himself, but he did call me hot, so I’m willing to forgive a little cockiness.

It’s not until Mary says, “Crew, stop being an arrogant ass and properly introduce yourself to this nice girl. Her family owns the lodge,” that I realize I haven’t spoken a word or stopped staring at him since he walked in. God, I must look like a complete idiot.

Closing my jaw, which had evidently dropped open sometime during my gawking session, I force out the improper thoughts swirling in my head—a rarity for me—and turn on my best hostess face, extending my arm in his direction. “Hi, I’m Hudson Shavell.” Those are the only words I can manage, because when he takes my hand in his, all of the nerve endings in my fingers and my palm fly into hyperdrive, shooting a jolt of energy straight up my arm and throughout the rest of my body.

“Nice to meet ya, Hudson Shavell. I’m Crew Elliott, the arrogant ass for a son,” he jokes, his Southern drawl endearing, while holding onto my hand a few seconds longer than necessary. “I’m glad you got to meet the sweet son first, but don’t let that innocent face fool you; he’s more of a heartbreaker than I could ever dream of being.”

“Shut up, Crew!” Caleb exclaims, playfully punching his older brother in the ribs. “Don’t be cock-blocking me. Even if Hudson here isn’t digging my chili, have you looked around and seen the rest of her sisters? They’re smokin’ too, man.”

Unable to hold back, I burst out laughing as Mary flicks her younger son on the ear and shakes her head in disbelief, mumbling something about having boys. Meanwhile, Crew is scanning the dining room, obviously searching out my other smokin’ sisters, which puts a damper on my short-lived amusement. I know at least one of them will be all over him before the night is over, and seeing how I’m going on a date with someone else, I can’t very well call dibs on him, or whatever my sisters usually do when they all see a cute guy they’re interested in.

Never before have I cared much to find out how this process works, but I’m guessing it’s not like food. I suppose licking his face real quick to mark him as mine for when I get back wouldn’t be appropriate.

“Hudson! Hey, Hudson, your date just got here! Doug’s got him cornered in the lobby,” Cheyenne calls out from behind me, emphasizing the word ‘date’ with the sugary-sweet voice she only uses when she wants something. And unfortunately, I know exactly what she wants right now.

I twist around at the waist, careful not to snarl my nose up at her, and tip my chin in acknowledgement. “Thanks, sis,” I bite out. “I’ll go save him.”

Turning back toward Mary, Crew, and Caleb, I twist the corners of my lips up in an apologetic smile. “Excuse me. It was a pleasure meeting you all, and I’m sure I’ll see you around quite a bit during your stay. If you need anything, please don’t hesitate to call. Our cell numbers are listed in the welcome packet in your cabin.”

Then, without introducing Cheyenne to the group, which I know she’s eagerly waiting for, I spin on my heel and hurry out to the lobby to rescue Beckham from the wrath of my dad’s inability to shut up, wondering why this day of all days Crew Elliott walked into the lodge. It’s almost like a sick joke from the gods. Finally, after hearing my boy-crazy sisters for years, never understanding what all the hype was about, I’m introduced to someone who turns my insides to a liquefied, chaotic mess at the mere sight of him, only to be yanked away and put in the arms of someone else.




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My Review of Spark

Have you ever met someone and immediately know that there is just something there? An instant connection or  spark? One you have never felt before and one you more than likely will never feel again because that spark is the kind that sets your entire world on fire?

When I heard about Spark- I wasn’t sure what to make of it. Honestly, I knew it was going to be controversial and had something to do with marijuana and I assumed I might not connect to this subject- as I know little about it.

That’s what you get when you assume anything.

I was wrong. Wrong for assuming. Wrong for judging. Wrong for not giving Erin Noelle the credit she deserves as a writer.


It took me to a place I’ve never seen. A place that made me uncomfortable. A place where I realized that things I considered to be bad- really aren’t always bad. This place felt like home. The people who lived there felt like family. Erin’s poetic story weaved me through a life that was filled with so much meaning.

Crew has always been a ladies man. His Abercrombie and Fitch model looks and arrogant attitude are like a magnet for women. On the outside- he seems so “put together.” But even people who have it all – have something to lose. Crew’s 15 year old brother Caleb is very sick. The traditional medications aren’t helping.

He’s only getting worse.

What would you do for your family when Doctors can no longer help ease their pain? How far would you go?

Packing their family up and moving to Colorado was their last hope. Controversial or not- they need to do everything they can to make Caleb’s pain subside.

Hudson has always had a kind heart. She’s an old soul in every way. Never been in love or even looking- she focuses on her green thumb helping her Father’s business. Her family is very….. non-traditional to say the least but the love they share can not be denied.  When Crew and his family arrive and Hudson’s world is engulfed in flames. The person she is- is exactly what Crew needs but everything he fights to stay away from. The person he is – is exactly the kind of guy EVERY girl wants and thinks she can change but the kind that every girl falls for and ends up broken hearted.. Hudson’s a game changer and Crew’s not done playing the game. The funny thing about love is- you always seem to find it when you aren’t looking and as hard as Crew and Hudson try to fight it- the Spark they share can not be ignored.

This book is SO much more than I can explain. It made me FEEL to my bones. Every emotion was evoked and after I finished I just sat there thinking about how I couldn’t believe how AMAZING this book really was.
Erin Noelle has always been one of my favorites. But now, with so many amazing authors out there- it’s hard to make a story unlike all the others. Original storylines are few and far between but HO-LEE MOTHER OF ALL ERIN PULLED THIS OFF. It’s SO different. It’s SO amazing. It’s AN ABSOLUTE MUST READ and in my top 5 of 2015 hands down.

I’ll even go as far to say- it’s Erin’s best writing, best storyline, best cover to date. She dug deep with this one and it didn’t go unnoticed.


“Every minute of every hour of every day, all I want is you. It F*Ck*N consumes me.”- Crew



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author bio

About Erin Noelle


Erin Noelle is a Texas native, where she lives with her husband and two young daughters. While earning her degree in History at the University of Houston, she rediscovered her love for reading that was first instilled by her grandmother when she was a young child. A lover of happily-ever-afters, both historical and current, Erin is an avid reader of all romance novels. In 2013, she published the Book Boyfriend Series, which included books Metamorphosis, Ambrosia, Euphoria, and Timeless, and recently published When the Sun Goes Down, a contemporary romance novel. Her books have been a part of the USA Today Bestselling list and the Amazon and Barnes & Noble overall Top 100.



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