Some are destined for greatness . . . others for pure unadulterated misery.

After catching her boyfriend with another woman, Laura struggles with beginning again, knowing deep down that she is destined to be unhappily out of love for her entire life. Needing some time to recoup and formulate a game plan, she decides to visit her notoriously wise grandmother. But once there, a curveball in the form of a deliciously attractive stranger has her falling again.

Brooks is another story altogether. He is quite content with his life until his father forces him into a business decision that will ruin the rest of his life. As if his relationship with his father isn’t tumultuous enough, his new fiancé is making every waking moment a living hell and loving every manipulative minute of it.

When Laura stumbles upon her mother’s old journal, she opens a door into a long forgotten past. A past that somehow leads both Laura and Brooks into unfamiliar territory and changes everything they ever knew about fate.

Destiny is ever-changing, after all.

My Review of Destiny Ever Changing 
Destiny by definition: something that is to happen or has happened to a particular person or thing; lot or fortune. the predetermined, usually inevitable or irresistible, course of events. the power or agency that determines the course of events.

Well I can honestly say that all of the above were and are correct at some point in this first novel by Tasha Ivey. Tasha has done a great job in her first go round in the self-publishing world. 
As the story beings we find Laura who has literally found her boyfriend Alex cheating on her with another woman.  Caught with his hand in the cookie barrel Alex doesn’t have a leg to stand on when it comes to Laura’s decision to leave him.  She has been unhappy and had a way of finding the worst men most of her life.  She feels she is destined to be along and unhappy for the rest of her life.  As she loads her car and heads for home she decides she can’t face it and heads to the sleepy beach front town her grandmothers lives in.  I fell in love with her grandmother, even though the woman didn’t say much what she did say always made a lot of sense… It made me really miss my grandmothers who have been gone a fairly long time for me.  Grandmothers always have a way of making you feel better and usually it’s with food…

Brooks is born into money, power and dominance.  A father that is willing to risk the happiness of his own child to solidify a business deal and gobble up the competition leads Brooks to a future that he neither wants or desires, but to protect others he is willing to be the sacrificial lamb.   This is were we meet he beautiful on the outside but gold digging bitch Jacqueline.  I used to love that name, makes me think of the poise and beauty of Jacqueline Kennedy, however this Jacqueline makes me want to rip every last piece of blonde hair from her head… WOW Tasha created one of the most self-centered people that I think I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a book.  Some of the other bloggers were chatting and we have our plan to join up with Laura and take this girl down a peg… You will hate this character with passion, trust me!  Brooks is sent to live with this ungodly woman for a few months before their unptuials are to take place, but everything changed the minute that he lays eyes on Laura… 

As Laura’s misfortune continues while rolling into town, her fate is decided and her every-changing destiny is sent into a tailspin, when the help of a stranger comes to her rescue…

My heart broke for both characters in this book.  Tasha takes a good amount of time building this story.  I was happy that even though it was an instant attraction it took them a long time to decide what was really right for them.  Their connection was undeniable.  

The journal that she finds from her mother was a great touch.  Though I do have to say I sort of figured it out very early on what the outcome was going to be, I didn’t mind the journey getting me there.  I have a tendency to think ahead sometimes and I am always looking for the angle in the book, trying to figure it out.  There were enough surprises in this book that I wasn’t expecting, to keep me turning those pages at 1 AM… 

Tasha does a good job keeping you on  your toes. I would have liked the book to have been a little bit longer and learned a lot more about Brooks and Laura.  I felt a little bit like it was rushed at the end and it could have had a little bit more development, nut it was a solid read and I was glad that this one fell into my lap.  I highly recommend it, very sweet story.  Her writing is very clean which is a blessing.  She has a well thought out storyline for a first time author.  Kudos Tasha for a great read, can’t wait for the sequel and our day at the beach with Jacqueline… hahaha…  I give this one a solid 4 Stars and look forward to more by this author in the future… 




Tasha Ivey is a literature fanatic, whose love for the written word fostered her development into the writer she has become. A lover of an extremely erratic mixture of literature, she has been influenced by authors from Jane Austen and E.M. Forster to Charlaine Harris and Alyson Noel. But her biggest influence and literary hero? Nicholas Sparks. Aside from writing, since she doesn’t have anything other than a shriveled up prune on the left side of her brain, she prefers to spend her time being creative in other ways like painting, cake decorating, and various types of crafts. That is, if the constant voices streaming through her head allow her to stop making up stories for a while. Lucky for her, she has a huge supportive family, including her amazing husband and two kids, who doesn’t complain too much when she hangs out with her characters more than she does with them. She is currently working on her second novel, Every Breath, which is due to release this year, and she also plans to start a sequel to her first novel, Destiny Ever-changing, this summer.

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BLOG TOUR: The Upside of Letting Go by Nacole Stayton

Book Description:

Haley Martin decides the only way to let go of her lingering nightmares is to literally move on. Taking a leap of faith she finds herself enrolling at a campus hundreds of miles away from home.

She leaves any thoughts of dating again in Jersey, that is until fate crosses her path with a blue-eyed stud named Kyler King. He is notoriously known for being emotionally unattainable, but his façade is only to hide the burdens he bares every day.

As Kyler and Haley’s physical attraction becomes deeper, the secrets of the past threaten to surface. When Haley’s past collides with the present, will her secrets prove too big of an obstacle hindering their happily ever after, or will letting go be the key that locks their bond forever?

Title: The Upside of Letting Go
Author:  Nacole Stayton
Genre: New Adult
Publish Date:  April 20, 2013

My Review of The Upside of Letting Go

Mommy guess what Prince Charming really does exist and his name is Kyler King.  He’s so handsome and really smart and very broken but  he does and says the sweetest things and I’m pretty sure that I’m in love with him. 
Do Fairytale‘s exist?  If they did this would be one of themThe only thing truly missing was the wicked stepmother, queen or evil person that all fairytale’s seem to haveI could say that role was filled by “fear”.  A very real fear for Haley Martin and Kyler King.  
Haley’s young life has been torn apart in more ways then one.  She’s a college student now but her past haunts her and her fears make her run to find a new life and move on.  But Haley finds that moving on and shutting people out isn’t truly the best way to handle things.  When she runs into Kyler King on the very first day at her new school she’s struck by how handsome he is.  Fate has more in store for Haley then she realizes after this chance meeting.
Kyler King is a campus playbook and everyone knows itKyler’s has quite the reputation on campus.  Kyler too is running desperately from his past, forcing himself to detach from any real relationships out of “fear”.  Meeting Haley had changed him in some way and no matter how hard he tries to fight the undeniable connection to her, he can’t quite shake his feeling about her.
I was instantly sucked in by this book from the minute that it started… I couldn’t put the thing down it was hard to go to sleep knowing that there was more to read.  Kyler truly is a prince.  Despite his past and his faults I was smitten with him from the very beginning of this book.  The connection between Kyler and Haley was a beautiful thing to watch.  Their tragic pasts draw them together in a way that they don’t know or understandOnce you see what their secrets are you will want to hug them both and squeeze them.  
There are times I was super frustrated with both of them and felt like I wanted to smack them in the back of the head and say “WAKE UP”!  There were times when I wanted to hug and comfort them both and tell them it was ok that things happen for a reason and you will get through this.  Their love is so speical and their pasts so similar that you just know deep down that it has to work out for these two, they deserve nothing less then the fairytale.  
Then the moment comes… When the “past” collides with the present let me just tell you it is a jaw dropping, complete OMG did that just happen moment.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading but just moments before it I had a sinking feeling what was coming and it still smacked me in the face.  At this point in the book you will be left feeling confused and concerned for all parties involved… 
And after you recover in a few paragraphs and start to except what just happened then your smacked in the face with yet another OMG did that just happen moment… Ok there are a few more after this but this second one rips at your heart strings… Dear Lord one moment I was in shock the next moment I‘m crying… The events that happen after that aren’t any less emotional or crazy
I can’t tell you how it ended or even tell you my feelings about the ending, because you’d scream at me that I ruined the story… NO SPOLIERS here from me… Will Haley and Kyler over come their tragic past and realize that their is an Upside to Letting Go??? 
 You’ll have to see for yourself on the 20th! 
Nacole weaves a crazy but beautiful journey about love, loss, self acceptance and forgiveness.  This is one of those books that when you start reading it you just know that it is going to be a good one.    I have no doubt that readers will be rushing to get this read when it comes out.  For a first book by this author I have to say I cannot wait to see what she writes next.  BRAVO Nacole!!!!!!  I gladly give this book 5 star stamp of approval…  
Follow the rest of the Tour for The Upside of Letting Go here…. 

About the Author:

Nacole Stayton was born and raised Christian “Nacole” Stayton. She is twenty-three years young and currently resides in the Bluegrass state, Kentucky. She spends her days working at the local hospital and nights writing vigorously on her current novel. She has a passion for helping others and wears her University of Kentucky gear proudly. While her husband loves all things outdoors Nacole enjoys the finer things in life like getting pedicures while reading on her Kindle Fire. Her hair color changes with the seasons and she has a weakness for tattoos and iced coffee.


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PROMO TOUR: Date Me by Jillian Dodd


I’m not scripting my life anymore.

I’m living it.

I’m done with the God of all Hotties.

I’m going to give my heart to the boy who I think deserves it.

The boy whose kisses are hotter than molten lava.
The boy who offered me the key to his heart.
The boy who asked me to Homecoming in a big, sexy way.

There are so many things to look forward to.

Parties at the Cave. Homecoming festivities. Drama Tryouts. Shopping trips to NY.

But things aren’t always as perfect as they seem.

I find out that my best friend has been keeping a secret from me.
Not that I can blame him. 
I have secrets too.

But, for now, I’m going to pretend I’m just a normal girl.

I’m going to pretend he’s not still out there.

I’m going to pretend he’s not getting desperate.

I’m going to pretend I’ll never see him again.
But, I will.
And this time, I might not get away.



I push Damian’s number and, as usual, he answers right away.

“Keats, what’s up?”

“A friend just showed me your video. The new song. It’s really great. Catchy. She already has it memorized.” I sing, “Be a rock star. Be a rock star.”

“I’ve been wanting to call you. I’m sorry I haven’t. You should’ve been the first one to hear it, since you inspired it with all your drama this summer.”

“It’s good to know my screwed up life is so inspirational,” I say sarcastically.
“Hey, you’re the one who told me people could probably relate. And you were right. We performed it one night just to gauge the crowd’s reaction. It was nuts. They were singing it with us before it was over. And the label’s not stupid. They knew we had a hit on our hands, got us some studio time, and we recorded it quickly. We released it a week ago and it’s already hit number two in Japan.”
“And there are over a million views on the concert video. Damian, I’m so proud of you. Where are you anyway?”
“Helsinki. We have a show here tomorrow night. That will round out the European tour. We’ll be doing some promotional stuff, maybe get some studio time, then back at it in Japan. How’s it going there?”
“I’m doing good. I’m dating a guy. He’s really sweet . . .”
“Not to interrupt but I think I’m going to be in Miami soon. Special gig. I’ll let you know. It’d be great to see you. I miss my Keats.”
“I was your Keats before anyone else’s.”
He clears his voice. “You talk to him much?”
“I did something stupid, Damian. Vincent almost found me.”
“What did you do?”
I tell him about the surf tournament.
“That’s it. I’m kicking his ass.”
“All that I just told you about Vincent and that’s what you got out of the story? That you need to kick B’s ass?”
“Yes. I’m definitely kicking his ass. And if I do Miami, it will be a very last minute surprise-the-audience thing. Not planned like Brook’s tour. I really want to see you. What are you doing for the holidays?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t really thought about it yet.”
“I think you should go to The Crab.” The Crab is our secret name for their house in St. Croix. 
“Could I? Will your dad be there?”
“No. Marissa is pregnant again.”
“Yeah. It’s a boy this time. She wants to name him Rain.”
“Well, his sister is named Stormy. I guess that would fit.”
“He’ll get his ass kicked on the playground with a name like that. Why can’t they name him Lightning or Thunderbolt or something tough?”
“Speaking of names. My sisters got a dog like Buoy. They named her Kiki.”
He laughs out loud.
I miss making him laugh. I miss him.
“My dad told me about that. All I have to say is Kiki must be one patient dog. I heard the girls painted her with pink and purple paint, then poured glitter all over her. When Tommy got pissed, I took him aside and told him that Kiki was sad because she didn’t have pretty tutus or glitter shoes and they wanted to her feel pretty. They’re so funny. Everyone says they are going to have to call you Buoy when you come home.” He stops laughing and is quiet for a minute. “I miss you, Keats. Everyone misses you.”
“I miss everyone too. Garrett doesn’t think I’ll ever be able to go home. But I’m doing okay, Damian. I’m starting over.”
“That’s bullshit. If this goes on much longer, screw Garrett, you and me will figure out something together.”
“Like old times, huh? You helping me write the scripts of my life?”
“Exactly. So hey, we have a morning radio interview in a few hours and I haven’t even been to bed yet.”
I hear a girl’s voice in the background say, Baby, hurry up.
“Who’s that? Damian! Do you have a girlfriend?”
He laughs loudly and then whispers to me. “More like groupies. Touring is awesome.”
“Then I better let you get back to that.”
“Actually, I was just getting ready to leave. I really do need to get a few hours of sleep. Are you sure you’re doing okay, like really?”
“I think so.”
“Any guys giving you shit?”
“I love you.”
“You’re avoiding that topic. Does that mean one already is?”
“No. It’s more like the opposite.”
“A guy is treating you too well?”
“Yeah, maybe.”
“Maybe you should marry him,” he laughs. “No, wait, you can’t. We’re already married.”
“It will be easy to annul. We married under false pretenses. You told me you were a prince.”
“Only because you wrote the script and made me wear that girly crown.”
“True, but I also cast you as a frog because hopping around like a maniac and singing songs was something you were actually good at.”
“Are you saying I wasn’t a believable Prince? You’ve just dashed my dreams of winning an Oscar.”
“I’m saying you played a much better frog.” I hear the girl whine again in the background. “Case in point,” I say and hang up.


Buy Date Me here:


 About the Author:

Jillian Dodd grew up on a farm in Nebraska, where she developed a love for Midwestern boys and Nebraska football. She has drank from a keg in a cornfield, attended the University of Nebraska, got to pass her candle, and did have a boy ask her to marry him in a bar. She met her own prince in college, and they have two amazing children, a Maltese named Sugar Bear, and two Labrador puppies named Camber Lacy and Cali Lucy. She is the author of the That Boy Trilogy and The Keatyn Chronicles Series.

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BLOG TOUR: In The Stillness by Andrea Randall


Natalie is a wife.
Natalie is a mother.
Natalie is a cutter.

Clawing at walls built by resentment, regret, and guilt, Natalie cuts as an escape from a life she never planned.

Staying present is only possible when you let go of the past. But, what if the past won’t let go?

My Review of In The Stillness: 
An emotionally stimulating read that will run over your soul and leave you breathless...

I couldn’t wait to start this book the moment I got it.  After reading the synopsis of the book I knew that I had to read this book.  It was going to be different and unique and something that wasn’t all happy go lucky.  I was thrilled!  I needed something new and differentI was not disappointed!  Let me just start out by saying that if you have issues with deep topics this book might not be for you because this story is deep. 
Natalie is a cutter.  What does that mean exactly?  It means exactly what it says.  Something inside Natalie snapped several years before this book takes place and Andrea does one amazing job of going back in time and filling in the blanks that led to where Natalie is today.  She is a mother and a wife but well, she really doesn’t want to be… Natalie struggles with the past that she feel robbed of and a future that is less then what she desires.  Stuck between in what I can only refer to as an emotional limbo Natalie takes up cutting to ease the sadness that exists within.   I just will make one mention of her husband Eric.  There is not a word in the languages of the world to express my pure hatred of that man… UGH!!!!!!
At first I didn’t like Natalie at all. I kept thinking what a selfish horrible woman. I knew she was depressed but, the way she treated motherhood made me absolutely crazy!  As the past unravels and we start to understand where Natalie is coming from it makes it easier to understand why she is this way.  But it doesn’t make it any less difficult to accept.  However there is a turning point in this book where she completely redeems herself with the respect to her life and the life of her children and I found myself feeling so proud of her.  When she could have turned the situation into something completely different she turns it into something positive and starts to take action.  I was cheering her on by that point in the book and wanted her to get the help she needed and deserved, and find peace and happiness.
When the past meets her square in the face and shocks the crap out of her Natalie does all she can to hold together the pieces of her heart... The gulit from what she did the past consumes her thoughts and makes her want to continue the destructive behavior.  But she fights with everything she has to not just overcome the past but to seek forgiveness from the person she believes that she wronged the most.  
Ryker is one amazing man and I don’t just mean he is hot and sexy because honestly there is nothing sexy about this storyRyker was pulled off to war after the events of 9/11 and suffering a loss of someone close to him, Ryker was cast into his own personal hell.  As I write this and think back to the story I’m choking up.  Yeah you read this book and try not to cry I double dog dare you… go on try… Ryker suffers from PTSD and as so many soldiers and even people who have been involved in unspeakable situations he needs help.  I am humbled and touched by this man in so many ways.  sigh… there isn’t much I can say about this that wouldn’t give too much away so I can’t give details but let me just say that you will have a hard time not falling in love with Ryker despite the things that you will learn… 
My favorite part of this book is simply a photograph… boy did I cry at this part and you will know when you get to this part in the book.  I had nothing to do with the main characters but it will touch your heart and make you think about true love The supporting characters stole the show in this moment, and touched my heart.
Overall you cannot find a more rip your hair out, throw things across the room in anger, big ugly crying all over your shirt book then this… At times the tension is like a freight train driving through your heart at full speed and other times it is a quite ache of sadness the rips your heart to shreds…   
 This book is so beyond a 5 star read!  I cannot recommend this one enough!
Buy In The Stillness Here:
5% of the sales of this e-book are being donated to The New England Center for Homeless Veterans. 


 About the Author:
I started writing poetry long before writing fiction. I firmly believe Poetry is a solid foundation for all other forms of writing. It taught me that a single word can make or break the world.

I write fiction because my characters have a story and they want me to tell it.

I hope you enjoy the pieces of my soul that I share with you. 

Ten Days of Perfect & Reckless Abandon are available for Kindle and paperback through Amazon and Barnes & Noble now!

Cover Reveal: Love at 11 by Mari Mancusi

 photo Loveat11amazonGRSmash_zpsc19e25bc.jpg
Title: Love at 11
Author: Mari Mancusi
Genre: Contemporary
Age Group: New Adult
Cover Designer: Okay Creations
Expected re-release date: April 24, 2013
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsa971cb04.png.


When Maddy graduated from Columbia University, she was ready to change the world. She’d get a job at Newsline, meet a nice guy, and live happily ever after with a real designer handbag on her arm. Five years later, she’s stuck producing puff pieces for News 9 San Diego–where “if it bleeds, it leads.” She’s still single, her family’s falling apart, and so is her knock-off Kate Spade.

Then Jamie Hayes walks through her newsroom door. The former filmmaker is everything Maddy has ever dreamed of. Creative, smart, sweet—and with eyes that could make a girl melt. The perfect guy…but perfectly unavailable. And the more Maddy tries to stay away—the further she starts to fall.

Now a secret scoop from her favorite knock-off purse guy has Maddy chasing a lead that could make her career. Or destroy it forever. How far is she willing to go to broadcast the truth? And will this breaking news lead to a happily ever after…or a broken heart? Stay tuned…it’s the story of a lifetime.

About the Author:

Mari Mancusi used to wish she could become a vampire back in high school. But she ended up in another blood sucking profession –journalism — instead. Today she works as a freelance TV producer and author of books for teens and adults. When not writing about creatures of the night, Mari enjoys traveling, cooking, goth clubbing, watching cheesy horror movies, and her favorite guilty pleasure–videogames. A graduate of Boston University and a two time Emmy Award winner, she lives in Austin, Texas with her husband Jacob, daughter Avalon and dog Mesquite.

Author social media links:
 photo AToMRTours_zpse9017e91.jpg


 photo CUPFINAL__zps221586bf.jpg
Title: Animate Me  
Author: Ruth Clampett 
Genre: Contemporary Romance  
Age Group: New Adult/Adult  
Expected release date: May 1, 2013
 photo goodreads-badge-add-plus_zpsa971cb04.png

She seemed far beyond his reach…could love draw them together?For years shy animator Nathan has carried a torch for Brooke, the beautiful and dynamic Director of Development at their animation studio, even creating B-Girl, a comic-book heroine in her likeness. When a new project throws the two of them together, lovestruck Nathan finally seizes his moment – only to find Arnauld, head of the animation studio, claiming exclusive rights to Brooke’s affections. But Nathan, it turns out, is not giving up on his dreams so easily. With inspired determination, he sets out to be the super hero of wooing his girl. Threatened by his persistence, Arnauld plays dirty – only to spark an uprising at the studio that unleashes the sort of havoc only a building full of frustrated animators can create. While Nathan pulls out all the stops to win his B-girl, Brooke has to choose. Should she pursue the sparkling career that has taken her years to build…or follow her heart?    

 photo RuthClampett_zps5fad748d.jpgAbout the Author

 Ruth Clampett, daughter of legendary animation director Bob Clampett, grew up surrounded by artists and animators. A graduate of Art Center College of Design, she has been VP of Design for Warner Brothers Studio Stores and taught photography at UCLA. Today she runs her own studio and as the Fine Art publisher for Warner Brothers Studios has come to know and work with some of the world’s greatest artists in the fields of animation and comics. From this colorful background comes Ruth’s first novel, Animate Me, a fun and sexy, unique and engaging contemporary romance. Ruth lives and works in Los Angeles, strictly supervised by her teenage daughter, who helps plan their summer around their yearly pilgrimage to the San Diego Comic Con.

 photo AToMRTours_zpse9017e91.jpg



New York Times and USA Today Bestselling Novel. Sometimes in life it feels like everything that can go wrong does, but everything happens for a reason. A relationship crumbles so someone else can mend the pieces of your broken heart. A change of plans can lead you to something you didn’t even know you were missing. You help others and discover that it was you who needed to be helped all along. 
Jenn’s life is nothing as she had imagined it would be. She is twenty-something with a failing career and her love life has officially ended with an ultimate act of betrayal. She is ready to throw away her dreams when a chance run-in with a soldier, dealing with his own misfortunes, alters her course and changes her perspective on life.


My Review of Suicide Note

 This book is so awesome, when they say don’t judge a book by it’s cover that should also say or title, because this book isn’t what you’d think.  It’s a touching, beautiful story about life, love, misunderstanding and betrayal.  Oh and don’t forget second chances…

Shane is a soldier who has gone off to fight for our country. He leaves behind his fiancé who decides military life isn’t for her and leaves him for another man! The most cruel thing you could do to a soldier away in a war. Shane is on a leave and instead of heading home to base in North Carolina to face the woman who left him, he decides to spend the time with his cousin in Maine. While visiting his cousins office he finds a note, a note that he believes was written by his cousin.

Jenn is a sweet girl who tries her hardest to do right by everyone.  She is stuck in a well of self pity and sadness at the most recent developments in her life.  Her career isn’t what he wants and neither is her love life, of which she suddenly has none.  The betrayal she feels leads her to want to run away from it all and never look back.  
When Jenn runs into Shane something changes in her and in him. Can they get through the lies and betrayal that they have both been subjected to and find love again?  That is a good question…

The character in this book are simply fantastic. They both have so many issues to deal with. Love, loss and betrayal among a few. This story was so touching. I laughed and cried and felt the emotions both Jenn and Shane endured. I found myself easily able to relate to them both, from my own personal life experiences.  Shane is totally swoon worthy… This book is a must read!   I was smitten with the story from the very beginning and it lasted right up until the last word… 

I’ve never read a book from Teressa that I didn’t love and this one was no different!  5 Stars to this fantastic read.  I highly recommend this book to all!


Author Bio: 
I was a Russian spy at the ripe age of thirteen, given my uncanny ability to tell if someone was lying ( I also read fortunes on the weekends). By sixteen I had become too much of a handful for the Lethal Intelligence Ensemble (L.I.E.). I was quickly exiled to the south of France where I worked with wayward elephants in the Circus of Roaming Animals and People (C.R.A.P.). I was able to make ends meet by selling my organs on the black market for pocket change and beer money. At the age of twenty three I decided to expand my horizons and become a blackjack dealer in Ireland. I loved the family atmosphere at Barney’s Underground Liquor Lounge (B.U.L.L.). People couldn’t resist the allure of Liquor up front and poker in the rear. Eventually I became tired of the rear and headed off to the United States to try my hand at tall tales. That is what brings us here today. If you have a moment I’d like to tell you a story.
(This bio is not to be taken seriously under any circumstance.)

Teresa Mummert is an army wife and mother whose passion in life is writing. She is the author of the New York Times and USA Today bestselling novels White Trash Beautiful and Suicide Note. Born in Pennsylvania, she lived a small town life before following her husband’s military career to Louisiana and Georgia. Check out her website for samples and updates!



Author: Dakota Madison
Publisher: Short on Time Books
Released: March 17, 2013
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Age Group: New Adult
Event organized by: AToMR Tours
Book links:
Book Description:
A Girl, a Guy, a Tournament and a Challenge
The Girl: At a time when most girls obsess about homecoming and high school prom, Rainy Dey spent her senior year caring for her dying mother. So when her father drops her off at college to start her freshman year, his words of advice to his bookish daughter are to start acting like a young person and finally have some fun.
The Guy: College senior, Aaron Donavan, aka Mr. Hot-and-Knows-It, is President of the Clubhouse, a social club for the college’s most wealthy and popular guys. Aaron can have any girl on campus except the one who challenges and excites him the most—Rainy Dey.
The Tournament: Every year, the senior members of The Clubhouse engage in a golf-inspired tournament to see who can sleep with the most freshman girls. When Rainy finds out about the tournament, she believes Aaron’s only interest in her is to score points by taking her V-Card.
The Challenge: Can Aaron convince Rainy that his feelings for her are true and that she won’t be just another notch on his tournament scorecard?

Excerpt from Matchplay

I glanced over at the keg and saw that Aaron and his two groupies were still standing there drinking and laughing. The girls were practically throwing themselves at him and he seemed to be enjoying every minute of it. When he caught me looking at him and our eyes met, I saw a flash of something dark behind his rock star façade. Was it pain? Was he not really enjoying all of the attention from the beautiful blondes as it appeared? The look was only there for a moment and then it disappeared when the blonde at his left whispered something in his ear, which made him grin, but Aaron was still staring at me. The scene both disgusted and confused me. When he winked at me and gave me a sly smile, I felt sick to my stomach. Did he actually think he could flirt with me while two girls were hanging off him? I revolted. 

“Can we go into the other room?” I asked. “It’s getting stuffy in here.”
“Sure.” Josh looked around. “Or do you want to go outside? You can see the stars in the backyard and it’s a beautiful night?’
The stars sounded really good. The only problem was that we had to walk past Aaron and his girls to get out the back door.
“Let’s go outside,” I said. “If you don’t mind leading the way.”
“My pleasure,” Josh said as he placed his empty beer cup on the counter.
I made sure that Josh was on the side that would be closest to Aaron as we passed. It didn’t stop Aaron from staring at me as we walked by him. The blondes seemed oblivious to the attention he was giving me and I made sure I had the most vile and disgusted look on my face as we passed.  For a moment, he looked like I had slapped him but he quickly covered it up.  
When we got outside, Josh asked. “Do you know that guy?”
“What guy?” I replied even though I knew exactly, who he meant.
“The guy from The Clubhouse with the blondes hanging all over him.”
I shrugged. “Sort of.”
Josh looked very concerned. “Is there something going on between the two of you?”
I gave a chuckle as if it was the most absurd question in the world. “Why would you ask that?”
“Just the way he looked at you. Even though he had two girls on his arms, it was like he didn’t even care. He was just staring at you.”
I tried to minimize what Josh was saying. “We’re just partners in my art history class. We were assigned to work on a project together. That’s all.”
“Are you sure?”
“Of course,” I said but I wasn’t sure at all.

About the Author
Dakota Madison has been writing since she learned to read and fell in love with books. When she’s not at her computer creating spicy new romances, Dakota is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds.
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Beautiful, sweet Shaye and dark, dangerous Tanner don’t have a lot in common. He’s a suspicious big city cop come home to his family’s ranch and she’s a bleeding heart who works for a group that seeks out ranches to conserve after the owners have passed away.
But the suspicious death of Tanner’s uncle at his ranch throws the two opposites together and sparks fly.
Working as a pair, using Shay’s sweet personality and town connections, as well as Tanner’s experience, they set out to find justice – they never expected to find love along the way as well.
They both say it will just be temporary but when Shay is put in danger, Tanner realizes that he’ll give up just about anything to save the woman he loves. But will he have to sacrifice his life to save hers?
My Review of Dangerous Refuge
When I started the book I wasn’t quite sure what to expect.  I’ve read books labeled in this genre before.  This book was good, it was a solid story and Overall I would rate it 4 Stars.
The story started off a little slowly for me I really like a book to suck me in within the first to chapters.  For me this book was a little slower to develop but once it got moving it was good.  Elizabeth paid fine attention to detail throughout the book with detailed descriptions I felt like I could completely visualize the locations she too us to.
What a crazy and tangled up story this ended up being.  Shaye was very likeable, always wanting to do the right thing and be kind to everyone even when they don’t deserve it.  She was almost too generous to a fault and led her to be slightly naive.   Her first meeting with Tanner totally cracked me up because he was such a jerk!  Typical for a brooding cop that’s had his wrist slapped.  Tanner is a bit of a short fuse and has no room in his life for bullshit.  
When Tanner arrives in Refuge and his cop radar starts going off he will stop a nothing to find out what happened to his Uncle.  He never believes what he is told but the local sheriff and police officers.  He knows that he is surrounded by lies but he has to fight to get to the bottom of them. 
All the while he is falling for the beautiful Shaye, he starts to realize just how much he feels for her when her life is put into danger.  He will and does stop at nothing to protect her.  
As they uncover the lies and deception they also find each other.  It’s a great story and all fairly believable especially the small town bureaucrats.  Living in a small town growing up here all my life I know a thing or two about the small town politics and I have to say a lot of that was spot on!  
Strong and likeable characters are always important in a good read and I felt that this one had all the elements that are necessary for an enjoyable read.  
At times I felt like the story was moving a little too slow but over it was an enjoyable read.  I would recommend if you like a suspenseful story with a romance embedded… 

Author Info:
Elizabeth Lowell’s many remarkable historical and contemporary novels include New York Times bestsellers, Forget Me Not, Only Love, A Woman Without Lies, Autumn Lover and Winter Fire. Amber Beach, Jade Island, Pearl Cove and Midnight in Ruby Bayou were also instant New York Times bestsellers. Ms. Lowell has more than twenty million books in print. She lives in Nevada with her husband with whom she writes mystery novels under a pseudonym.

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From the moment she first saw him running on the treadmill next to her, Spencer Marshall had fallen head over heels in love with Brandon Montgomery. After Spencer has a near-death experience she would rather forget, they do their best to move on with their lives, leaving their past behind them.

Thankful for a fresh start and eager to move on with her life, Spencer focuses on helping her best friend Ryan Kennedy plan her wedding. Everything seems to be going as planned when someone from Brandon’s past reappears. Can Spencer and Brandon survive the coming days as they struggle to deal with ghosts from the past?

My Interview with Brandon

I decided to take a trip to San Francisco to meet up with the handsome Brandon Montgomery. Being from the east coast, it’s nice to see the other side of the country.  I’m so excited to have this interview with him and when we discussed where to go, I suggested Scoma’s in Sausalito, which happens to be where Brandon and Spencer had their first date.  It’s a beautiful afternoon though––no rain in sight… I also don’t think my meal would end quite the same way either! HA!

I walk into the restaurant and instantly see Brandon, he is kind of hard to miss and I know I am smiling ear to ear… seeing him in person is soooo much better than what I had in my head… (fans face)

J: Well hello there Brandon, it’s so nice to meet you. (holding out my hand to him, omg is he freaking hot)

B: Hi, Jennifer. Nice to meet you too. (he shakes my hand back. OMG I touched Brandon Montgomery.)

J: Shall we get a table and start the interview? (I wink at him but I have no idea why… ha he’s getting the better of me with that charming smile of his.. ack)

B: Yes, please. (Brandon tells the hostess that there will be two for lunch)
J: So I bet that this place brings back some fond memories for you huh? (I smile at him mischievously the innuendo evident in my tone…hehehe…)
B: It does. One of the best nights of my life. (Brandon blushes and smiles)
J: So tell me, what was your first impression of Spencer the very first time you laid eyes on her?
B: My heart stopped the very first time I saw her. I had just come out of my office to get some water and looked down and saw her walk onto the treadmill. She was gorgeous. I told Jason that I needed to go workout instead of continue with the meeting we were in. He gave me shit for it but I think he was happy later because that lead me to get my ass in gear and break-up with Christy for good.
J: Aw yes, Christy. We will talk about her in a bit. So, I love to ask this question of men when I interview them.  Give me one song that you feel describes your relationship with Spencer.
B: That’s a no brainer––Down on Me by Jeremih and 50 cent. (Brandon and I laugh) No, but really, I would say, Crazy Love by Van Morrison but I like the Michael Buble version better. Every word of that song describes my love for Spencer and I hope, her love for me.
J: I’ve read your story obviously, so I want to talk a little about Christy, she’s one crazy girl.  While you were with her did you ever get the hint that she was unstable as she is?

B: Not at all. She was clingy but I never thought she was a murderer or would stoop that low.
J: She really does creep me out, I don’t think that I have ever seen someone go to the lengths to hurt someone the way she did, and then the attempt on Spencer’s life.  What went through your mind when you found out what was going down?
B: Spencer. All I thought about was Spencer. Luckily, I was only a few blocks away and I ran my fastest to get to her. I don’t think I would of survived if something would have happened to her.

J: Let’s lighten the mood a little bit, what is your favorite quality in Spencer?
B: Her smile and how strong she is. Not physically…well she is strong but I mean, she is a strong person on the inside. The shit that has happened to her this past year has tested her––and I. I’m tempted to never let her out of sight again. (Brandon laughs a little)
J: Ok let’s talk football… I’m a HUGE COWBOYS FAN!  Who is your favorite all time Cowboy?  I’ll tell you mine if you tell me yours (I giggle a little hehehe….)
B: It’s a toss up between the two that were mentioned in Wanted. (Brandon winks at me––obviously not wanting to give anything away)
J: Mine is Michael Irvin..  That man could just flat out play ball!
B: Yeah he isn’t bad either.
J: So tell me one thing that we don’t already know about Brandon Montgomery. (I wink at him and get that killer smile… eeeekkkk… I flush, I can feel the red in my face… He must not look at me that way!!!!)
B: I’m a secret agent. Haha, just kidding. Let’s see… Oh, I can sing and I have something planned for my big day. (Brandon smiles again)
We were all finished with our lunch and ready to depart… I was sort of chuckling about how his first date with Spencer went after they left this restaurant… hehehe…
J: Well Brandon, it was really nice to meet you. Thank you so much for hanging out with me and chatting.  I really wish you and Spencer all the best in the future… I can’t wait to hear more of your story.
B: It was my pleasure. Thanks for coming out here to meet up with me. Spencer was bummed she couldn’t come.

I shake his hand and make my way out of the restaurant concluding my afternoon with the handsome Brandon Montgomery.  He really is adorable and so striking in person, I can see why Spencer loves him so much!  That’s about all we have folks.  If you want to read Brandon and Spencer’s story, read Wanted by Kimberly Knight.   



My 4.5 Star Review of Wanted by Kimberly Knight

I was honored to be chosen to be a part of Kimberly’s blog tour for Wanted.  I loved the first book in this series.  You never know what to expect in a sequel.  Often times I find that they are too loaded up with sex and no real content or story that adds value to the plot or moves the story in general forward.  That WAS not the case with Wanted in fact there is so much drama it made my head spin most of the time. 

From the moment the book starts off we find Brandon and Spencer piecing back together their lives.  After the attempt on Spencer’s life by a crazed and delusional ex girlfriend who tried to kill Spencer in Brandon’s condo.  They are attempting to put life back in order and forget about the betrayal and attempt on Spencer’s life.  
Spencer throws herself into helping her best friend plan the wedding of her dreams.  But the drama and chaos of her and Brandon’s life isn’t far behind when a not so welcome person from Brandon’s past appears out of nowhere, well at least it seems like nowhere, things once again turn into a life threatening event for Spencer.  

I don’t really think that Spencer could find anymore trouble if she tried.  Dear lord this girl walks the thin line between extreme happiness and the edge of death!  Kimberly stepped up the game in this sequel and it did not disappoint.  I was finding myself questioning how much more poor Spencer could possibly take before she needed to be committed to the psych ward.  She’d already been through a lot in the first book and then in this book when  (I can’t tell you what happens cause that would totally spoil it, but its really crazy good)  I am certain you will say what are you freaking kidding me this cannot possibly happen to her!  That was exactly what I was saying to my iPad when I got to that pivotal plot moment!  Not that there weren’t about a dozen before that but this one will make you EEEEKKKK out loud!  

This book did introduce a new character Blake Montgomery, Brandon’s playboy brother.  He is a charmer NOT and WOW was I a little shocked at his less then kind treatment of women… Womanizer has a new description and it’s Blake Montgomery… I think we need to see a lot more of him in the future!!! (hint hint) He was a surprise that I wasn’t expecting in this book and a great new character to add depth 
The love that Brandon and Spencer have for each other is solid.  Their relationship is realistic and follows the normal patterns of a couple in love and dating.  They haven’t known each other long but when you find your true soulmate time doesn’t really matter does it?  You just KNOW that it is the right person and you are meant to be together and that is what they have.  I cannot tell you how this book ends but it involves a dog and a house and a hot man and a little love making and a BIG moment, that had me swooning for quite some time! You’ll have to read it to find out what happened… 
Overall the book is a great follow up.  I love reading Kimberly’s books because San Francisco has become one of my favorite cities to visit, so seeing the familiar names of places makes me happy.  We are left with questions because yeah she did it!  The cliffhanger to leave us all with a book hangover waiting on the next installment… 


I have a feeling she has had to see that question more then once from readers…  Until next time pick up a copy of Wanted today and enjoy this wonderful suspense filled romance.  Happy Reading!



About The Author:

Office Manager/Paralegal by day, Author by night. Oh who am I kidding, I write at work too!

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