“The first time I saw her, I knew this girl was wilder than any stallion I’d ever trained. She was headstrong, wounded, passionate and free. And I had to have her…”

Brittany Ray doesn’t care about her bad reputation. Growing up in a sleepy beach town with a junkie mom and a runaway dad, Brit’s learned the hard way that the people you love will only let you down. It’s no use hoping for love or happiness. Some dreams aren’t meant for girls like her.

Hunter Covington is one of those dreams.

Gorgeous, charming Hunter is damn near perfect—and it’s killing him. Son of Charleston royalty, he’s been trapped in a gilded cage since the day he was born. Now he’s breaking free. He’s quit law school to restore his grandpa’s old horse ranch, trying to soothe the demons in his soul. But Beachwood Bay is full of old ghosts, like the mysterious girl who spent an unforgettable night with him—and then slipped away before dawn. Brit.

Everything about her screams danger, but Hunter doesn’t care: he’s never felt a connection so deep. And try as she may, Brit can’t resist the desire consuming her —or the safety she finds in Hunter’s arms.

A reckless passion. An undeniable bond. Scarred by their pasts, Brit and Hunter fight to heal old wounds. But will dark secrets tear apart their new beginning? And when love is the biggest risk of all, can they find the courage to face the future unafraid? 

Excerpt from Unafraid

“So, you want to try the Tilt-a-Whirl first, or maybe Tunnel of Love?” Hunter reaches over to break off a tuft of my cotton candy. I slap his hand away.
“Why?” I demand.
“You can tell a lot about a person by their favorite ride.” Hunter replies easily. “Mine’s the Ferris wheel.”
“No, I mean, why are you chasing me like this?” I cry. Ever since I laid eyes on him again, Hunter has been relentless. I’ve given him every chance to walk away—hell, I’ve tried to push him—but he keeps coming after me. Nobody’s ever stuck it out for me like this before.
“Maybe I think you’re worth chasing.” Hunter grins.
“I’m not one of your horses you get to break.” I reply flatly, and start walking. To where, I don’t even know, but sure enough, Hunter falls into step beside me, easily matching my steps with his long, effortless strides.
“I’m serious,” I tell him, my frustration fading. Now I just feel sad and resigned. “Whoever you think I am, whatever you want from me, you’re wrong. I’m not that girl.”
“Hold up a second.” Hunter takes my arm and pulls me to a stop. He frowns. “I never said I wanted anything from you—I just want to get to know you, is that so hard to believe?”
“You already know plenty,” I try to stay sarcastic. “Brittany Ray, wild child of Beachwood Bay, remember?”
“That’s bullshit and you know it.” Hunter says softly. My heart skips, despite myself. “Look, I roped Garrett into getting you here tonight because I knew you’d never come willingly on this date. You’ve got these walls built so high, I can’t even see over, but I’m trying here, Brit. I don’t know what else I can say.”
I hesitate, looking up at him. Hunter gazes down at me, then reaches to tuck a lock of my hair behind my ear. “One date,” he says, smiling. “Give us that much, at least. Please?”
The word is my undoing—and the look of boyish hope in his eyes.
One date, pretending like this can be something real. One date, having Hunter all to myself.
The promise is intoxicating.
I nod.
Hunter lights up. “I promise, this date is going to blow your socks off,” he declares.
I give a rueful smile, still cautious. “It won’t have much competition.” I reply, wondering what the hell I’ve just agreed to. “In fact, make that zero.”
“What do you mean?” Hunter asks, stealing more of my cotton candy.
I shrug, embarrassed. I wish I hadn’t said anything now, but there I go again: speak first, think later. “Just, you know… I haven’t really done this. Date.” I make a vague gesture to the fairground rides and ticker-tape, a picture of wholesome, all-American fun surrounding us.
“What, ever?” Hunter blinks at me, surprised.
I feel my cheeks flushing. “I’m not really the dinner and a movie type.” I explain, trying to sound flippant.
“That’s a shame.”
“I wasn’t complaining.” I reply sharply, watching his expression. If I see even a hint of pity, I’m so out of here. But instead, Hunter shakes his head, exaggerated, like he’s intimidated.
“Wow, way to make a guy feel the pressure,” he jokes. “Now I’ve got to make this the best first date ever. Epic. Unforgettable.”
“I’d settle for just bearable,” I can’t help but smile at his joking. But that’s the thing about Hunter: even when my stomach is tied up in knots and my heartbeat skips from the nearness of him, he still finds some way to put me at ease at the same time; my insecurity over not dating now just a memory as he slings an arm around my shoulder and steers me through the crowd.
“So, take your pick.” Hunter gestures, like this entire county fair has been staged for me. “Anything you want tonight. Whatever you feel like doing.”
Looking at him, what I want is to drag him behind the nearest stand and kiss him until there’s nothing else in the world, but part of me is curious. What’s it like, to do this––date, be normal––with a man like him?
“All of it.” I decide. If this is my one glimpse of perfect, then I’m going to make the most of it. “Walking, and rides, and all the junk food. I want to try everything.”

“As you wish.” Hunter winks.



Melody Grace is the USA Today bestselling author of UNBROKEN and UNTOUCHED. A small-town girl turned SoCal beach-lover, she spent years with her nose in a book before deciding it was time to write them for herself. She loves bad boys, good books, and pistachio-flavored ice-cream.

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It was supposed to be a week of simply being, of living in the moment, and enjoying every minute while it lasted. Of course, that kind of intoxication can have lingering effects. For Sin, she found herself wanting to break all the rules, to extend her time with the stranger who stole her heart. Vegas was just the right kind of place to take such a gamble. Meeting up with BE at the gondolas was a risk. Love went against everything they had promised, but the best things in life can’t be planned.

Soon Alysin will be tested.

After guarding her heart for so long, she finally let a man in and discovered that the worst things in life happened when she least expected them. When she walked in on BE with another woman and overheard their heated conversation, she suddenly remembered there was a reason she made these rules.

Will broken rules lead to broken hearts or will she realize that though love was a gamble, she was all in?

Jenn’s Review of Vixen in Vegas

Well this was another SMASH HIT from Emma! I was worried about how these two would make it when they both seemed so detached from the idea of having a lasting long term relationship, but when you find out the truth behind BE’s reasons your heart will heart!

As we start out the book Alysin is having a really hard time dealing with her emotions and feelings about the week on the ship. She’s having second thoughts about meeting BE and continuing this affair… She continues to question herself as to the why when she was so bent on making a clean break after the week was up. The WHY was so obvious, despite her best intentions she is in love with BE… He’s everything she was never looking for and more… But she still doesn’t even know his name or what he does for a living or where he even lives. With only the promise of meeting him in Vegas, Alysin sets out on a journey that she will never be able to turn back from! The moment she see’s BE again all the doubts and reservations fade into the past.

These characters embark on a journey that is unique. From the moment they meet again and exchange REAL names this time to the last words of the book you couldn’t imagine the things that can and will change your thoughts, your heart and your life… It’s pretty clear from the beginning that there is something going on with BE and it will truly leave you scratching your head trying to figure out what is wrong. When Alysin takes a short trip with BE to his family’s home in California everything changes, and some of it not for the good.

The characters in this book face some very big challenges but their love for one another stands up to those challenges and they knock them down one at a time.  Who know that a chance encounter on a ship could lead to such and emotional journey.  I absolutely adore the characters in this book and though I felt at times like some of them needed a rap to the head I was thrilled with the way the story went and in the end my heart felt light and heavy all at the same time! 
I highly encourage you to pick up this book and follow this touching journey about finding your true love and discovering self-worth. I loved every minute of this story and give this book 5 stars!  Emma did an amazing job weaving this awesome story together! 

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What made her decide to be an erotica author?


How else was she going to parlay her two favorite past times into a career?

Emma is single and loving it. Like her first character, Alysin, Sin for short, she doesn’t believe in settling or in settling down. She loves to indulge in her passions whenever the mood strikes and enjoys keeping all of life’s cliche moments spicy.

Known for her sense of humor, Emma surrounds herself with friends whose antics often become the source of book fodder. Her ideal situation would be to explore the Caribbean while writing. She pursues that dream daily.

Enter to Win!


The breathtaking conclusion to the USA Today best selling Alpha Group Series.

Who is Sebastian Lock?

The heart can lead you to dangerous places. Abandoned by the man she loves, with nothing more than sweet words and riddles for an explanation, Sophia Pearce felt like her life was crumbling before her eyes. And then they came for her. Now, things will never be the same.

Confronted with the truth about Sebastian’s identity, she’s thrust into a high stakes world beyond anything she could have imagined. A world that threatens much more than just her feelings. Sebastian’s enemies will stop at nothing to get what they want, and they want her.

Their passion for one another consumes them, but as the danger mounts, and loyalties are tested, Sophia must answer one simple question. What is she willing to risk for love?

This book is approximately 54,000 words long, or about 200 printed pages. It contains erotic content and a dominant man who always gets what he wants in the bedroom. It is intended for readers aged 18 and over.

Excerpt (Note: Text may change a little before publication)
I hadn’t expected Sophia to sleep at all, not after what she’d been through. Trauma like that can ruin a person. But somehow she’d drifted off. I had no idea where she found the strength to be that tough. She never ceased to amaze me.

For a while I lay there trying to get some rest myself, but the events of the last two days had thrown my whole world into chaos. It was all happening again. The fact that I’d averted the worst didn’t make the situation any better. I was an asshole. I should never have let it get to this point, but I was weak, and it had nearly cost the woman I love her life. How the hell could I sleep knowing that?

To make matters worse, even now I was still incapable of staying away. She was as secure here as anywhere, but the moment she’d left my sight I began to feel agitated. I still hadn’t managed to shed the mindless terror that had seized me when I first heard she’d been taken. The urge to go to her, to simply hold her and never let go, had been almost overpowering.

I’d tried to distract myself. There was certainly no shortage of work to be done — most of my colleagues were holed up together in the board room, planning things until well into the night — but I was useless there. My mind only wanted to focus on one thing, and soon I found myself propped up against the wall outside her room, nursing several fingers of scotch in a heavy crystal tumbler. I didn’t know why, but just being close to her helped. I made myself vow not to enter. It had taken an immense level of control to cut her off the first time, and every moment in her presence stretched my willpower just a little more. I would keep her safe and solve all this, and then when it was all over, I’d let her go again. It was the only way.

But the moment I heard her sobbing through the door, all sense of self-control fled. Before I knew it, I was on my feet, and then in her bed. I expected her to fight, after all, I had to be the last person she wanted to see, but she didn’t. Instead she just burrowed into me without a word. I hated how perfect that felt, the way her body fit like a missing puzzle piece against mine. I still didn’t understand how such simple contact could make me so damn content, but it did.

And now she slept. I couldn’t help but run my eyes over her again. Truth be told, I’d barely been able to stop staring since the moment I entered the room. She looked so fucking beautiful lying there, her face utterly peaceful, her curves perfectly accentuated by the thin cotton sheet. She’d taken the T-shirt I left her, but not the pants, and now in the throws of sleep she’d managed to knock part of the cover free, exposing one delicate hip. It was a tiny thing, the barest hint of pale skin and black cloth, but the sight took my breath away nonetheless. I felt impossibly low ogling her after everything I’d put her through, but I was powerless to do anything else. Her body was like a drug, a burning rush through my system that was impossible to ignore. I knew how that hip would feel if only I’d reach out and touch it. I had every inch of her body charted in my head; so perfectly soft, so perfectly feminine.

Fuck. I had to pull myself together.

Ripping my gaze free, I eased my arm out from under her. I’d done what I came to do. She was resting. There was no reason for me to stay.

She stirred briefly, and I came within a hair’s breadth of pulling her back against me once more, but after a few moments she settled. Taking one last look, I moved quietly out into the corridor and resumed my watch. I’d be there if she needed me, but anything beyond that was too hard. There was no happy ending here, and letting myself think otherwise would only destroy me more.
Links to Other Books in the Series
Locked (The Alpha Group Book One):
Lockout (The Alpha Group Book Two):
Author Bio

Maya Cross is a writer who enjoys making people blush. Growing up with a mother who worked in a book store, she read a lot from a very young age, and soon enough picked up a pen of her own. She’s tried her hands at a whole variety of genres including horror, science fiction, and fantasy, but funnily enough, it was the sexy stuff that stuck. She has now started this pen name as an outlet for her spicier thoughts (they were starting to overflow). She likes her heroes strong but mysterious, her encounters sizzling, and her characters true to life.

She believes in writing familiar narratives told with a twist, so most of her stories will feel comfortable, but hopefully a little unique. Whatever genre she’s writing, finding a fascinating concept is the first, and most important step.

The Alpha Group is her first attempt at erotic romance.

When she’s not writing, she’s playing tennis, trawling her home town of Sydney for new inspiration, and drinking too much coffee.
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Title: Whiskey Lullaby
Authors: Dawn Marten & Emily Minton
Expected Publication Date: September 30, 2013

Julie Walker thought she found true love with Jase. Until he betrayed her in the worst way, with one of her best friends. Devastated and heartbroken she runs away, leaving behind her family and friends. She starts a new life filled with secrets.

When Julie meets Dean, she thinks he is the answer to all her prayers, but Dean isn’t who she thinks he is.

Jase Gibson is a player. Even when he had the girl of his dreams, he still played. When he lost Julie, his life fell apart. He turned to whiskey and women, to fill the void. But, only Julie will ever make him whole.

Nine years later, Julie’s back home, but she’s not alone. What will happen when all of Julie’s secrets are uncovered?
Jase vowed that if he ever got her back, he would do right by her and never let her go. Will he let Julie’s secret keep them apart?

When Julie’s ex-husband refuses to be her ex, Jase must choose to help her or hang on to his anger.
Jase and Julie have to find a way to give their whiskey lullaby a happy ending.

Goodreads Link:

Series Facebook Page:

About The Authors:

Dawn Martens: I’m Dawn. I co-wrote a two books (Chase and Kade) with fellow author Chantal Fernando, in the Resisting Love. We went solo on three of the books, she wrote Ryder, and she is writing James, and I’m writing Derek.

Also working on a book currently with my friend Isabella Bearden, called A Second Chance!

AND I’m currently writing a book with good friend Emily Minton called Whiskey Lullaby.

I drink too much, Swear too much, and Read too much. Yes I read too much. I don’t have a filter, and I tend to speak before I think.

I’m a beta reader for many authors, I’m on a few authors ARC list, because apparently I’m THAT awesome. ;) And I also edit. Not a professional, but I do help a few with that.

I have two children, 5&2, and have another on the way. They bug the shit outta me, but hey, that’s what kids are supposed to do. ;) Married since 2007. He’s amazing, but he’s also a bigger pain in my ass than my kids are.

I love to read, and I love being able to write stories that *I* want to read!

I couldn’t do this without the help of some very special friends!

Author Social Media Links:

About the Author:

I’m Emily. I am the proud mother of two lovable but irritating teenagers. I have been married for over twenty years, but I would

gladly trade my husband for Tatumn Jackson any day!

If you are wondering who that is, you need to read Sweet Dreams by KA now. Kristen Ashley is my queen!

I love to read. I am a complete mommy porn junkie! I have more books on my kindle than most people could read in a lifetime, but I will get to them all eventually!

I am also an avid blogger. I love to share my favorite books and pimp my favorite authors.

I hope you all enjoy Whiskey Lullaby!










 So how did I get myself into this situation, you ask? Simple: desperation. When you’re faced with being homeless and hungry or taking off your clothes for money, the choice is easier than you’d imagine. That doesn’t make it easy, though. Oh no. I hate it, in fact. There’s nothing I’d like more than to quit and never go into another bar again, never hear the techno beat pulsing in my ears again, never feel the lecherous gazes of horny men again.

Then, one day, I meet a man. He’s in my club, front and center. He watches me do my routine, and his gaze is full of hunger. Not the kind of desire I’m used to though. It’s something different. Something hotter, deeper, and more possessive. I know who he is; of course I do. Everyone knows who Dawson Kellor is. He’s People Magazine’s Sexiest Man alive. He’s the hottest actor in Hollywood. He’s the man hand-picked for the role of Rhett Butler in the long-awaited remake of Gone With the Wind.

He’s the kind of man who can have any woman in the entire world with a mere crook of his finger. So what’s he doing looking at me like he has to have me? And how do I resist him when he looks at me with those intoxicating, changeable, quicksilver eyes?

I’m a virgin, and he’s an American icon of male sexuality. I’m a stripper, and he’s a man used to getting anything and everything he wants. And he wants me. I know I should say no, I know he’s the worst kind of player…but what my mind knows, my body and my heart may not.

And then things get complicated.  


 Jenn’s Review of Stripped 

How desperate would you need to be in order to do something your morally against to make your dreams a reality? Well this book will tell you. A unique story with lots of angst that will have you turning the pages to see what will come of Grey.

As the story unfolds you’ll find a terrified preachers daughter that fights with everything she has to obtain her dream even if it mean taking off her clothes for drunken men in a seedy club in Los Angeles. This isn’t the ballerina dancing she enjoyed as a child growing up in her small town of Georgia. Grey had to beg to just be able to do that type of dancing, what would her ultraconservative father think of her stripping. She takes off her clothes but it isn’t until her knight in shining armor comes along that she feels truly bare. He sees right through her and that terrifies her as much as taking off her clothing for money.  By Day Grey is an intern at her dream company and desperate to finish her degree and prove that she can do it on her own. But when the chance encounter from the club becomes her new assignment the game of cat and mouse begins! And what a game it is…

Dawson is a movie star and his assistant on the set of his new movie, is also the stripper that he can’t seem to forget. Her innocence intrigues him and his need to possess and protect overwhelms him. Dawson chases some demons from his past… But he’s a sex symbol in Hollywood a d he’s used to getting exactly what he wants. He goes to some great lengths to protect this girl. Their instant connection ignites the pages of this story.

Dawson is so amazing I absolutely love his character! He’s the complete package once you get past his Hollywood facade. I was smitten from the start… He’s relentless, protective, possessive and charming. Like I said complete package.

You need to read this one to watch the events unfold as Grey struggles with her past, present and future. The heat between Dawson and Grey is sizzling off the pages. This book has a 10 on the hotness scale. The story ended perfectly for me. Though it felt slightly rushed at the end, I honestly wouldn’t have minded seeing a little more and make the book longer but that’s just my opinion. The content and storyline still deserves 5 STARS!!! I have a lot of Jasinda’s books and she truly is an awesome storyteller. Give Grey and Dawson a shot I think you will truly enjoy this story. I couldn’t put it down!!!! This book is a standalone so there was no cliffhanger or next book to wait for. I hope you enjoy Stripped as much as I did! 

 Pre-Order Stripped now!!!!!  Release date August 16th

AMAZON  |  B&N iTunes

About the Author:

New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Jasinda Wilder is a Michigan native with a penchant for titillating tales about sexy men and strong women. When she’s not writing, she’s probably shopping, baking, or reading.

Some of her favorite authors include Nora Roberts, JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Liliana Hart and Bella Andre.

She loves to travel and some of her favorite vacations spots are Las Vegas, New York City and Toledo, Ohio.

You can often find Jasinda drinking sweet red wine with frozen berries and eating a cupcake.

Jasinda is represented by Kristin Nelson of the Nelson Literary Agency.  


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Title: Breaking Nova (Nova #1)

Author: Jessica Sorensen

Expected Release Date:  September 3, 2013

Genre:   New Adult Contemporary Romance

Cover reveal organized by: Shh Moms Reading



Nova Reed used to have dreams-of becoming a famous drummer, of marrying her true love. But all of that was taken away in an instant. Now she’s getting by as best she can, though sometimes that means doing things the old Nova would never do. Things that are slowly eating away at her spirit. Every day blends into the next . . . until she meets Quinton Carter. His intense, honey brown eyes instantly draw her in, and he looks just about as broken as she feels inside.

Quinton once got a second chance at life-but he doesn’t want it. The tattoos on his chest are a constant reminder of what he’s done, what he’s lost. He’s sworn to never allow happiness into his life . . . but then beautiful, sweet Nova makes him smile. He knows he’s too damaged to get close to her, yet she’s the only one who can make him feel alive again. Quinton will have to decide: does he deserve to start over? Or should he pay for his past forever?
Teaser from Breaking Nova

 Half way through it, Nova shuts her eyes and starts swaying her hips to the beat, her lips matching the movements of the singer’s. “I love this song,” she says with her eyes shut and her hands are on the back of her neck.

My eyes trace the curves of her body and the enthralling way she moves. “I love watching you,” I whisper so softly I know she can’t hear. I dig my fingertips into my palms, trying to resist the compulsion to place my hands on her hips and move with her.

As the song keeps playing, though, I become more and more hypnotized by her, and the way she lets herself go, when usually she’s so contained. For the briefest second I’m glad I’m there with her, which makes me feel confused and guilty, because I should want to be with Lexi. Thoughts are drifting through my head, in long sequences that don’t match, yet they do when they’re put together in a different order and suddenly, for a fleeting, guilty, irreversible moment I’m glad my heart decided to beat again.

I step forward, not sure what’s driving me, but giving in to it regardless. Then I wrap my arms around her and pull her nearer, closing my eyes as the sound of her voice caresses my ears. She leans back against me and we sway together as the music encases us. I wish I could keep my eyes shut forever because then I’d never have to go back to reality. I don’t try to kiss her or feel her up. I just hold her and let our bodies stay linked, wanting to know her and understand her more than I have with anyone . For an instant, I have something to hold onto again, a reason to keep breathing, to live.

About the Author

The New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Jessica Sorensen, lives in the snowy mountains of Wyoming. When she’s not writing, she spends her time reading and hanging out with her family.



Author website



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If you’re lucky, you’ll fall in love – truly, madly and deeply in love. But what happens when that honest and pure love isn’t enough to erase your fears? What happens when your past rears its ugly head and threatens your future?

Maddy and Reid had that kind of love – the all-encompassing, Earth shattering, once in a lifetime kind of love. Then life happened. Old wounds that were thought to be long healed and scabbed over are ripped opened and they are forced to face the possibility that, maybe, they are not strong enough to fight their demons and embrace the light.

Together, they found out what love is, but now they will each need to heal on their own before they can ever be together again. They must face their fears and beat down their pasts in order to find their way through this crazy uphill battle called love.

They’ve let love in, but now, they need to find out how to Let Love Stay.

Carrie’s Review of Let Love Stay

This was the second book in the love series. It did not disappoint! I loved it just as much as I loved the first one. It picks up right where book one left off.

Maddy has moved back home. She will be a mother soon, and what should be one of the most exciting times of her life isn’t turning out that way. She wants Reid to share all of it with, but since he walked away from it all she is broken, sad, and doesn’t know how to move on without the love of her life, and the father of her baby. I really felt for her! She had so many heartbreaking things happen in just a short part of her life. Your heart will ache for Maddy a lot!

Reid you love/ hate him! One minute you hate him for walking away, and the next you want to hug him for everything he has went through in his past.I felt like his past is what held him back from giving his heart completely. I love that Reid is a bad boy that fights for what he wants after everything he has been through.

I give this book 5 stars! I loved it from start to finish! I loved it just as much as the first maybe even more. I loved the different POVs. This is a wonderful love story of two people trying to fix each others broken hearts, and get through some of the most horrible events in each others lives. I was cheering them on to get through it all together. There was still the hot factor between these two that we loved in the first book Let Love In.I did shed a few tears, but I laughed some too. This is one of my favorite series. I hope we get a little more of their story soon.Melissa Collins thank you for this beautifully written story. It touched my heart.

Buy Let Love Stay Now:

Author Bio:

I’ve always been an avid reader. Majoring in English Literature was a no brainer. Becoming a teacher and instilling my love for reading into my students was also a no brainer. I’ve spent the last ten years teaching and I’ve loved (mostly) every minute of it. When I was home on maternity leave for my third son, I discovered a new genre that sparked my creativity. My passion for writing sprang from my love of reading and once I knew I had a story to tell, I couldn’t wait to get it out there. I only hope that my readers enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Social Links:

Facebook | Goodreads | Twitter | Website


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In her sizzling new series, USA Today bestselling author Kristen Proby sets the stage for a passionate reunion under the breathtaking Montana sky.

Cara Donovan’s summer tutoring job is turning out to be a challenge—and not just because of her troubled twelve-year-old student. It’s his uncle Josh who’s the real problem. If problem is the word for an irresistibly cocky, muscle-bound rancher with a taste for tight Levi’s and shameless flirtation. . . .

Cara is nothing like the wallflower Josh King remembers good-naturedly teasing in high school. This Cara is gorgeous, confident, fun. From the moment the fiery teacher steps foot on his family’s Lazy K Ranch, the stubborn playboy is determined to corral her. So what happens when his luscious lover takes over the reins?

The first in a steamy trilogy, Kristen Proby’s enthralling novel is filled to the brim with one hardworking family’s triumphs and challenges, all the wild adventure of the modern West, and a whole lot of titillating fun.


“Where are your jeans?” Josh asks as he meets me at my car the following morning.

“These are jeans.” I pull my tote bag out of the car and walk toward the front door of his house. “Is Seth here yet?”

“No, he’ll be a few minutes. I have him feeding the dogs at the big house.”


“Those are not jeans.” He’s scowling down at my denim shorts like they’re the devil incarnate.

“They’re denim.”

He narrows his chocolate eyes at me, but I see the humor there, and the butterflies take up residence in my belly again.

I love riling this guy up.

“Fine, they’ll have to do. Go ahead and get settled, Seth will be here in a minute. I have to ride out with a few of the guys to repair a fence, so I’ll see you at lunch time.” He pulls on some gloves and settles his green baseball cap on his head backwards again.

“You don’t wear cowboy hats?” I ask without thinking.

“Not usually. I have one, if you’d rather I wear it.” He smirks.

“No, just curious,” I mumble and head toward the house.

“Don’t leave before I get back. I have plans for you.”

He grins wide, winks, and saunters off toward the massive barn that sits between his house and the big house.

Well, isn’t that view nice? His Levi’s hug his ass perfectly and sit low on his hips, and as he walks I can see his buttocks and thighs flex.

Dear God, I’m lusting after a rancher.

KRISTEN PROBY is the USA Today bestselling author of the popular With Me in Seattle series. She has a passion for a good love story and strong characters who love humor and have a strong sense of loyalty and family. Her men are the alpha type—fiercely protective and a bit bossy—and her ladies are fun, strong, and not afraid to stand up for themselves. Kristen spends her days with her muse in the Pacific Northwest. She enjoys coffee, chocolate, and sunshine. And naps. Visit her at



Continuing the fight for their happily ever after that began in Searching for Moore,  Schooner Moore and Mia Silver struggle to overcome the ghosts and baggage they accumulated during their time apart.  
Exploring the missing  24 years when they were separated, Moore to Lose follows Mia’s journey from heartbroken teen to kickass businesswoman to her emotional reunion with Schooner and the exploration of the love that was ripped from them.
But is their love really strong enough to overcome the damage of those missing 24 years or will they continue to be ripped apart by pasts that can’t be changed?

RELEASE DATE: Mid September


As he hardened beneath her fingers, Mia’s devil smile grew wider and wider.
“You’re incorrigible.”
Mia looked at him with her “You didn’t just figure that out now, did you?” look and he laughed.
She could feel his erection straining against his jeans and she wanted to take it out probably as much as he did. With a quick kiss on the lips, she ducked her head down the bed. He started to protest and Mia looked up at him and put her finger to her lips, “Shhhh.”
And then she did what he did not expect. She did not undo the top button of his jeans, she did not unzip his fly, she did not reach inside his jeans to pull him out and fondle him (even though she was dying to). With her teeth, Mia outlined his cock through his jeans. As she moved from base to tip at an excruciatingly slow pace, she opened her mouth so that her top teeth were on one side of his cock, her bottom teeth on the other.
The sound of his moan and the feel of his fingers in her hair, made Mia ache to have him inside of her. She nibbled the soft head of his cock through the rough fabric.
“Oh God, Mia.” He reached down and pulled her on top of him so that they were laying face to face. Both panting, he took her face in his hands and pulled her lips down to his, kissing her roughly.
She could feel his cock between her legs and pressed down, “I want you,” she said into his mouth, rubbing along the length of him slowly clockwise, and then lifting her mouth off of his slightly to smile, she changed the direction of her grinding to counterclockwise.
About the Author:

Author Julie A. Richman is a native New Yorker living deep in the heart of Texas. A creative writing major in college, reading and writing fiction has always been a passion. Julie began her corporate career in publishing in NYC and writing played a major role throughout her career as she created and wrote marketing, advertising, direct mail and fundraising materials for Fortune 500 corporations, advertising agencies and non-profit organizations. She is an award winning nature photographer plagued with insatiable wanderlust. Julie and her husband have one son and a white German Shepherd named Juneau.


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Title: TEMPORARY BLISS (Bliss # 1, New Erotic Romance Series)
Author: BJ Harvey
Book Release date: August 29th


Makenna Lewis cringes at any mention of the word commitment. She doesn’t want or need a relationship, but she does like sex (who doesn’t).

That explains Noah, Sean, and Zander, her three ‘friends with benefits’.

They know the score, they know they’re not the only one, and each of them provide her with a different physical need that she craves and enjoys.

Until a late night encounter with the delicious Daniel Winters turns her preconceived notion of no-commitment completely on its head.

Soon she finds herself feeling things she vowed never to feel again, and when Daniel pushes for more than she’s willing to give, she falters.

What do you do when something that you’ve known to be so wrong in the past feels so damn right?

If you’re Mac, you run and hide.

But is Daniel the type of man who takes no for an answer?   

Teaser from Temporary Bliss

I’m having a break in the on call room, and my mind is doing what it does best; not shutting off and letting me sleep. Instead, I’m remembering back to last week when I was here with Noah, before my chance meeting with Daniel on the train.

He had seen me in the cafeteria grabbing a midnight snack from the vending machine and sent me a text outlining exactly what he wanted for his meal break. Five minutes later, I was pinned against the wall of one of the surgical floor’s on call rooms, being pounced by a very hard and horny walking dildo. Too far gone for foreplay, he had shoved my scrub pants down, desperate to get inside me.

About halfway through, I hit a road block and started thinking too much.

This feels good, but not great like it normally does.

What the hell, Mac? Get it together. He’s the walking dildo, he always makes you come and fast, usually multiple times. So why does this feel like a long distance run rather than a short hundred meter dash? To be honest, it’s getting rather uncomfortable.

Shit, he’s getting harder, and I can feel him tensing up; his grunts are getting louder, his thrusts faster and more sporadic. I make a moaning sound, knowing he likes to hear me, and it works, seemingly spurring him on.

Right now I feel as if I’m a ride on pony outside the grocery store. Put a quarter in and hop on board! I’ve never had a problem getting off before. Hell, I pride myself on it. What is wrong with me?

Oh god. What if I’ve broken my clitoris from overuse? Misuse? Self-abuse?

I moan again.

“Fuck, Mac. Come with me. I’m close, babe. Really…”






I have to do something. Shit, I’m going to have to fake it.

“Oh, yes. Fuck me, Noah. Harder. Oooh, yes, that’s it. Right there. Fuck! Argh!” I cry out, tightening my kegels and totally bullshitting my way through a fake orgasm. Noah stiffens and growls my name through his gritted teeth as he climaxes.

Thank God for THAT! 


About the Author:

I’m 31 years old and live in New Zealand, the most beautiful country in the world.

I love reading, and started writing my first novel, Lost in Distraction in December 2012. Before that I’d written business and website articles professionally but never fiction. I love the indie community, authors, bloggers and readers alike and have met so many awesome people that I now call dear friends.

I’m a huge music lover as well. I REALLY love music. If there isn’t music playing, something is wrong. And it’s a wide range of music too, I might surprise you with my eclectic tastes.

I’m also a wife, mother of two gorgeous girls and currently working for myself as well as studying full time to become an accountant of all things. I also have a Bachelor of Communications.

My author inspirations are: Michelle Leighton, Barbara Elsborg and Kristen Ashley.

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