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We are absolutely thrilled to bring you the Recruit Tour for Heather Lyons’ THE FORGOTTEN MOUNTAIN! THE FORGOTTEN MOUNTAIN is an Adult Romantic Fairy Tale, full of adventure and fantasy and the third book in Heather’s The Collectors’ Society Series! Grab your copy today!

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New Recruit Applications

From the Desk of Abraham Van Brunt


I wish for you to review the following report on new recruits for the Society.  Please let me know your thoughts at your earliest convenience.

I recently received an application here at the Society from Diana Bishop de Clermont. After further investigation into Diana’s past, I find that she may be of great help and a valuable asset to our work.  The details of my research are as follows.

Diana Bishop de Clermont

Born: Diana Bishop
Year Born: 1976
Living Relatives: Son Phillip, Daughter Rebecca, Husband Matthew, Aunt Sarah, also considers Matthew’s (vampire) mother Ysabeau as her own.


Diana hales to us from Madison, New York.  She currently resides in London, her her husband and twin children.  She is a direct descendant of Bridget Bishop, who was accused to witchcraft during the Salem Witch Trials.  Diana comes to us from a long lineage of magical representation, her parents, Stephen Proctor and Rebecca Bishop were well known in the community and both possessed very powerful magic.

As a young child Diana displayed immense powers, which Rebecca and Stephen were often afraid of. Their quest for information about the powers she held, lead them on a trek to Africa, in which they met and untimely, and horrific death.  Thus leaving Diana to be raised by her aunt, Sarah Bishop.  Diana shunned her families heritage of magic and became a scholar, obtaining her degree in the study of Alchemy.

Diana is a well known scholar among the academic community, shes highly intelligent and strong willed.  She will stop at nothing to protect those that she loves most.  In the past many years Diana has come to embrace her magic with the help of a vampire and scholar, and now husband Matthew Clairmont.  During her studies at Oxford University, they met, became friends, and eventually lovers. Through Matthew’s studies in DNA and his quest to find the origination of Vampires, they uncovered the mysteries of Diana’s true powers, which lead them on a quest to find the missing pages of a book called Ashmole 782.  This book was believed to hold the secrets of their heritages.  After reading over the events of what happened with Ashmole 782, the final chapters of this timeline, I fully believe that Diana herself is actually the catalyst for this timeline, thus creating an interesting challenge we have not yet faced in the protection of catalysts.

Diana is a forward thinker, choosing to use her knowledge and power in a wise manner, and avoiding violence at all costs.   I believe that her skill set will speak for itself where magic is concerned.

Diana’s Skill Set

Control of earthly elements including Water, Earth, Fire and Air when necessary.
Time walking, she is able to walk back in time given an object that is pertinent to the timeline she is entering.
She is a weaver of spells, meaning that she can develop her own spells through a series of knots, she learned this skill while time walking to the 1500’s
She has a familiar named Cora, Cora is a fire breathing Dragon.

I believe Diana would make a fine addition to our group.  I have few concerns about her husband, as Matthew suffers when Diana is away for long periods of time, but I feel that we could truly use her research skills, her knowledge of Alchemy, and not to mention her powers, should the needs arise.  We don’t know what we will be up against in the future and skills such as her’s could be a very valuable asset.





The Forgotten Mountain - Off With Their Heads



After years spent in Wonderland, Alice Reeve learned the impossible was quite possible after all. She thought she left such fantastical realities behind when she finally returned to England.

Now Alice has become a member of the clandestine Collectors’ Society, and the impossible has found her again in the form of an elusive villain set on erasing entire worlds. As she and the rest of the Society race to bring this mysterious murderer to justice, the fight becomes painfully personal.

Lives are being lost. Loved ones are shattered or irrevocably altered. Each step closer Alice gets to the shadowy man she hunts, the more secrets she unravels, only to reveal chilling truths. If she wants to win this war and save millions of lives, Alice must once more embrace the impossible and make the unimaginable, imaginable.

Sometimes, the rabbit hole leads to terrifying places.


Don’t miss the first two books in this series…

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Author PhotoAbout Heather Lyons:

Heather Lyons writes epic, heartfelt love stories and has always had a thing for words. In addition to writing, she’s also been an archaeologist and a teacher. She and her husband and children live in sunny Southern California and are currently working their way through every cupcakery she can find.






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