The King Always Gets His Way.

Women, business, pleasure: When I want it, I get it.
I’m never denied.
Including her.
I will break her.
I will show her who the king of this city really is.
The Feisty Princess of Manhattan will learn I am not a man that can be tempted.
No matter how damn bad I want her in my bed.

Book one in a three part erotic romance series from NY Times and USA Today bestselling author Michelle A. Valentine (Rock the Heart, Phenomenal X, Wicked White, Demon at My Door).

Naughty King
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Feisty Princess (A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale: Part Two)
Dirty Royals (A Sexy Manhattan Fairylate: Part Three)


My Review

WOW! Another fantastic read from Michelle A. Valentine. This time she’s gone above and beyond to create a set of characters that made me instantly fall in love with them for many different reasons….

First we have King and well let’s just say A$$ might be an understatement for how he behaves in the first chapter, but he’s determined to make sure that Margo knows her place in the office and his company. He isn’t fooled by her old man in the least and knows that she’s a plant to try to circumvent this deal to takeover her fathers company. It’s like a perfectly crafted chess match and in the end Alexander gets his Check Mate, without fail. But Margo isn’t some mousey girl that he can just order around. She’s got snark and sass and she unnerves him in a way he can’t afford…

Next We have Margo and she is a Feisty Princess indeed… But Princess isn’t really a good title for her, honestly shes not demure or complacent. She’s in your face strong and doesn’t take crap from anyone. She’s got a job to do and she won’t stop till she’s exhausted every possible avenue.

Then the side set of Characters we have Jack (Kings right hand man, best friend and confidant) Diem (King’s sister who seems to be very worried about big brothers actions as of late) and then last but not least there is Yamanda! I don’t even have words for this character you will have to see for yourself… But he is hands down one of my favorite characters Michelle has ever created.

This book is smart, sexy, and laugh out loud funny at times. It has all the feels of sexual tension and angst and when that ratchets to the highest peak you see nothing but fireworks… And the ending… Well let’s just say, you can’t help but have a love/hate with it! It’s perfection!!!!! I loved every minute of this read and if I had to venture to say it, I think that this could very well be her best published work to date! Michelle has a true gift of creating characters that you can’t help but love even when they are boss and rude at times! King will give you a run for the money but he’s worth every minute!


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About Michelle A. Valentine

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Michelle A. Valentine is a Central Ohio nurse turned New York Times & USA Today bestselling author of erotic and New Adult romance.
Her love of hard-rock music, tattoos, and sexy musicians inspired her erotic BLACK FALCON series.