Blog Tour: Hundred to One by Freya Barker

Blog Tour: Hundred to One by Freya Barker


Blog Tour: Hundred to One by Freya Barker


Arlene Bowers is as tough as nails. She has survived a less than perfect marriage, managing to move past it to run her own diner. Her abrasive exterior has always been a way for her to hide behind the darkness and pain that she has endured, but a recent, violent attack and several disturbing phone calls have that tight hold on her emotions wavering.

Seb Griffin showed up in Cedar Tree eight months ago and was hired on at Arlene's Diner as a cook. An ex-con with secrets of his own, Seb walks a fine line. Since he began working at the diner, he's developed feelings for his fierce, stubborn boss, and the need to keep his distance from her, to protect her, is a daily struggle.

When it appears that Arlene's past has come back, rearing its ugly head while her defenses are low, Seb steps up and claims responsibility for Arlene, praying that he can keep her safe from whatever is coming her way.
Hundred To One
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My Review:


Arlene Bowers has had a rough life. Her marriage was awful and ended very painfully. Then two months ago when she was kidnapped and almost killed she didn’t think she could get through it all. The nightmares have started back up again and shes getting very little sleep. Arlene knows shes being very cranky and less than nice to her employees at the restaurant but she cant seem to shake the awful past. When the very quiet Seb, her cook, starts making his feelings for her known its very hard to resist his advances. But is she ready to move on and face the demons of her past that keep haunting her? And is she strong enough to do just that?

Sebastian “Seb” Griffin cant help but fall for the beautiful Arlene, even if she is moody sometimes. After everything shes been through who could blame her. Seb had no intentions of falling for Arlene when he came to Cedar Tree eight months ago. He was just here to keep an eye on her and make sure she was safe. But he couldn’t tell her that or why. When their relationship starts to get heated he want to let her in on his past but with the trial coming up and everything else going on at the diner, he isn’t sure if she will accept him or if she will walk away. Can they make it past the real reason Seb is in Cedar Tree?

I absolutely adore Seb!! He is so sweet and straight forward. It doesn’t hurt that hes covered in tattoos! Im a sucker for ink!! Arlene is a very guarded woman with a ton of dark issues in her past. I love how these two are so different yet they seem to work so well together. The other characters in the book work well with Seb and Arlene. I wish I would have known there was a book #1 before reading this one because I would have loved to read about Emma and Gus’ story and maybe get a little more background on Arlene and Seb’s beginnings. I will definitely be reading the first book in the series, Slim to None, in the near future. It can be read as a stand alone.  But regardless I Loved this book and all its characters! Hundred to One by Freya Barker is a 4.5 Star read!!

four-half-starsfour-half-starsfour-half-starsfour-half-stars4.5 Stars


Previous books in the series…

Slim to None



Since moving to beautiful Cedar Tree, Colorado, Emma Young, mother of one adult daughter, has worked from home doing some online bookkeeping and baking for her best friend’s diner to supplement her disability pension. Life has been pretty good, that is until she received a strange phone call that starts an alarming chain of events.

Investigator Gus Flemming is hot on the trail of a bail skip with organized crime connections that bring him to Cedar Tree. Once there, the focus of his investigation lands squarely on the gently rounded shoulders of a vivacious red haired Emma, whose physical limitations have done nothing to damped her zest for life.

When it becomes clear that Emma is at risk, Gus does’t hesitate to step in and protect her. Call it a job with some very hot benefits……

**Due to content of a sexually explicit nature, this book is recommended for a mature audience only.**





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About Freya Barker


Freya Barker has always been creative. Involved in music and dance when she was younger, she followed it up with cake design, quilting, and has most recently added cover design, the Dutch-born Canadian mother of two now has found her voice - writing.

Freya Barker is the pen name for a well-respected reviewer/blogger, who has a strong following on her blog, Facebook and Goodreads. As an avid reader, the next step to pen a book of her own seemed natural.

Driven to make her story about 'real' people, Freya writes about people who are perhaps less than perfect, but just as deserving of romance, hot monkey sex and some thrills and chills in their lives!


  1. Catherine Scott says

    Love this book and author! Cannot wait for the next installment in the Cedar Tree series!