There’s two sides to every story…
And ours? Isn’t pretty…
Then again, what’s pretty about the mafia?
Trace Rooks, that’s what.
But she only wants one of us, and I’ll kill him before I let him have her.
The only problem?
We’re cousins.
And she may just be our long lost enemy.
Whoever said college was hard, clearly didn’t attend Eagle Elite University.
Welcome to hell also known as the Mafia where blood is thicker than life, and to keep yours? Well, keep your friends close, and your enemies?
Even closer…

Doors slammed down the hall, blanketing us once again in silence. Damn it, Mo was smarter than I gave her credit for. When I’d asked her to put Trace on her floor, I ’hadn’t meant in her room, in my sister’s room.
Shit. She was going to pay for that.
Trace’s lower lip trembled as her eyes closed. She shook as multiple doors slammed down the hall, and with each tremble of her body — I wanted. With each twitch of her lips — I was tempted.
Finally, the slamming stopped. I walked behind Trace and closed the door. She didn’t budge.
I couldn’t take it any longer. I had to be closer. My sanity was at stake. I swallowed and walked up behind her, my lips grazing the velvety softness of her ear. “You don’t like rules, do you, New Girl?”
She shivered in response to my voice.
I almost touched her then.
Almost threw the entire act way.
Almost threw it all away.
But it would have been selfish of me to satisfy my own damn curiosity and needs, when she had no idea what was at stake, what she was risking by being at Elite.
My Review:

Let me start by saying that this is not a complete retelling of Elite, a lot of books that are created are exactly the same storyline but told from a different POV.  With this you are going to get a lot of the scenes from Elite but you will also get many new ones and some POV’s in this book will haunt you and make you truly look differently at some of the characters in the series.

I love love love being inside Nixon’s head during some of my favorite scenes from Elite.  Sometimes when books are written in single POV I sit and wonder what would the other party have been thinking during this time.  Rachel does an AMAZING job giving us all of their POV’s it will make you fall for Chase all over again if you are a Chase lover.  His struggle with his feelings for Trace are so real and raw, and showed how much he was willing to give up to be with her.

Nixon’s struggle to stay away from her was powerful.  In Elite you kept thinking what a jerk he was but this book will bring it all full focus for you and you will see from the very beginning when he meets her outside the dorms that he was never going to be able to stay away.  Phoenix… I just have no words… You will understand him in ways you never thought possible.  I absolutely though his character was one that I could never love, or feel sorry for but Enforce will change your mind completely!  And Tex, well… He’s Tex!

This book will truly suck you back into the beginning and give you a new perspective on the beloved Eagle Elite Gang… Make sure you get your copy when it comes out this one is an amazing addition to the series…

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Rachel Van Dyken is the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Bestselling author of regency and contemporary romances. When she’s not writing you can find her drinking coffee at Starbucks and plotting her next book while watching The Bachelor.

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