A career woman to a fault, Brooke Monroe vows to earn back the graphic art business her father sold, robbing her of her birthright and costing an office-full of employees their jobs. The arrogant team of outsiders appears to have no sympathy, a fact that sets her blood boiling. As one of the only survivors of the takeover, Brooke finds herself face-to-face with the devilishly handsome Ethan Wolf as they vie for the position of Vice President of Monroe Graphics. Ethan is ready for Brooke and her amusing attempt to emerge the victor: the woman’s stiff exterior and fiery green eyes both fascinate and infuriate him like no other. As the sparks of rivalry fly, so begins a reluctant attraction between the two VP candidates. When an accidental encounter in the darkroom reveals an undeniable chemistry between them, Brooke and Ethan’s fight turns dirty and detours to the bedroom. Once the clothes come off, their biggest challenge is keeping sex out of the workplace…and keeping their feelings at bay until after the competition. But when a corporate leak is discovered and Brooke is blamed as the obvious culprit, will Ethan trust her enough to believe her claims of innocence? Or will Brooke’s chance at love and her father’s company be forever out of reach?
Sexual Integrity
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What readers are saying about Sexual Integrity

“A HOT new voice in romance.”

— Carla Cassidy, New York Times bestselling author

“Summer just got a whole lot hotter with this sexy, steamy, and riveting novel. Sexual Integrity has me eagerly turning pages to follow Brooke and Ethan’s workplace rivalry and romance. It’s the perfect escape from the office and is sure to heat up your reading time.”

— Rachel Kramer Bussel, editor, Best Women’s Erotica of the Year series


An Interview with J.A. Dennam


Jennifer:  Today we are talking with J.A. Dennam author of The Captive Series, The Flesh Series and now her latest book, Sexual Integrity.  Welcome Julie!

Julie: Thank you, it’s a pleasure to be here!

Jennifer: So let’s talk about the new book Sexual Integrity.  This book is much different from your previous work.  I wondered where did the idea for this book come from?

Julie: Actually, I plotted out this story about six years ago before writing Truth and Humility. I figured every self-respecting author had an office romance under his or her belt, so I better get busy. And you know me…I love my love-hate relationships. The lighter, more humorous elements of Sexual Integrity just unfurled on their own.

Jennifer: They always say that authors gain inspiration from real life experiences.  Have you ever had or known someone who had an office romance like Brooke and Ethan?

Julie: I wish! It would have been interesting to meet Brooke and Ethan!

Jennifer: Let’s talk about Ethan a little.  He’s a little bit broken and seems a little bit lost.  But boy does he have swagger.  From the moment we meet him in the restaurant I knew he was going to make a good Book Boyfriend and he didn’t disappoint.  Do you have a muse for Ethan that you used while writing his character?

Julie: Oh yes. He’s a well-known actor, but I like to let the readers create their own image of him. As for the attitude, that is uniquely Ethan Wolf.

Jennifer: Brooke seemed like his match in every way except in the office.  Mostly because they were fighting for the same job. In this world as a woman we always seem to be fighting for that spot we have worked hard to earn.  Did that play a factor in the way you wrote this book?

Julie: In some ways yes. Brooke was facing a pretty big challenge with Ethan’s charm always in play. But I wanted her to truly feel like an equal, like she was every bit the formidable opponent. Her gender wasn’t the cause of her hardships so it shouldn’t be on the main canvas.

Jennifer: I don’t want to give too much away but there is a certain room in the office that everyone knows about in the book… Where did that idea come from?

Julie: I actually used to work in an office like that. Yep. Had one of those rooms. It didn’t have the same reputation but, oh what promise!!

Jennifer: How did you feel about writing in this lighter and funnier genre vs the more intense suspense aspect in the Captive Series?

Julie: It was actually a lot of fun! There was less pressure to churn out the action and angst that’s required in a suspense story, so my shoulders were a bit more relaxed throughout this one.

Jennifer: Let’s talk about how you write your books.  Are you the type that has to have an outline?  Or do you just get an idea and let the words flow?

Julie: When the ideas surface, I just let them flow. I can put down 8 thousand words in one day that way, but I do try to get a complete outline on the page before I burrow in. And I always leave room for change. The story can take on a life of its own and you have to let it go where it takes you.

Jennifer: Where do you like to write?  I know many that like to write in coffee shops or some at the beach, or in a special spot in their home?

Julie: I am so glad you asked! I was churning out books on a tiny desk in our game room—the smallest, crampiest, most un-private space in our house. So I saved up some money and turned an old guard shack we’ve had for about 7 or 8 years into my very private, very wonderful, very creative personal space. It’s by far my favorite place to write. My view is the woods, I’m surrounded by books, and there is even a love seat I can take those impromptu naps on. I call it the Love Shack (where love stories come to life, of course). I’m in heaven!

Jennifer: When you write music or no music?

Julie: Not the kind of music you’re thinking of. Too distracting for me, but I love to hear the sound of the birds when the shack’s windows are open!

Jennifer: Are there any specific authors that inspired you to write?  Or did you always just want to write stories and become and author?

Julie: I didn’t even know I had it in me until I was in my 30s. My first loves are Judith McNaught and Kathleen Woodiwiss. Then I discovered Johanna Lindsey and didn’t get a thing done for 3 months while I caught up on all of hers. But my mother is the one who inspired me to actually write. All I had to do was mention the story trapped in my head and she shined a spotlight in my face. Get it down on paper! Purge it from your brain! So I started out writing for fun, and the first few chapters looked strangely okay. Like I might actually be good at it. Two books later, I discovered Lori Foster.  She made a HUGE impact on the heat level of my books starting with Truth and Humility. It was like a “go big or go home” moment for me.

Jennifer: Ok let’s do a get to know Julie’s favorites rapid fire round.

Julie: I’m ready!!


Favorite flavor of Ice Cream? Kemp’s Gone Fishin’

Favorite Movie? Raiders of the Lost Ark

Favorite vacation spot? Wyoming

Favorite Book? Shanna

Favorite Author? Judith McNaught

Jennifer: Well I think that is all that I have for you today?  Is there anything you’d like to add?

Julie: If you’d like to learn more, you can find just about everything on my website If you’d like to sample my work before committing the cash, FLESH OF ANGELS and TRUTH AND HUMILITY will be on Kindle Unlimited for a short time.

Jennifer: Thank you again for taking the time to answer our questions and talk with our readers, we hope that everyone picks up a copy of Sexual Integrity and you have great success in the future!

Julie: Thank you, Jennifer! Thank you Book Starlets for having me! And thank you to all out there who took the time to read this interview and perhaps give this author a try.


About J.A. Dennam

AuthorPhoto_JADennam copy

J.A. Dennam is a member of Romance Writers of America, and resides in a small Kansas town with her husband and four children. Besides her love for the literary arts, her interests include the fine arts, culinary arts, singing, and motorcycling. You can follow her on Twitter: @JADennam