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Stacia Palmer had one goal in life–to become an NFL quarterback’s wife.

For the past three years, she’s seduced her way through the university’s football line-up. But when she finally has a quarterback fresh off the draft, Stacia experiences a shocking change of heart. One that sends her back to the place she never thought she’d return to.


Once there, she finds that no one believes her. Least of all Pace Larson, her sexy on-again off-again ex who has never quite gotten over her leaving him for someone else. Of course, he’s now the starting quarterback and determined to claim her as his prize.

But can Stacia give him a second chance when he’s toyed with her emotions into the fourth quarter? Or will they run out of time?




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 An Excerpt from Silver


Stacia felt a presence at her shoulder. She recognized his cologne before she even looked up. It smelled like desire and late-night sex marathons.


“What do you want?” Stacia asked, not looking up.

“Just coming to check on you,” Pace said in a sexy low tone that sent a shot of need straight between her legs.

Damn him for being able to do that to me!

She jerked her head up. “Why?”

“Because you look miserable, even from across the room.”

“I do not!”

He raised an eyebrow, and she had to keep from sighing. That face. God, if he wasn’t such an asshole…

“The hair flip earlier, Pink? Really? Sure sign of distress. You practically called me over here.”

Don’t call me that,” she said through gritted teeth.

He smirked at her response.

“And I didn’t call you over here. I don’t even want to see you.”

“You can talk to me, you know.” He leaned his hip against the bar. He was almost touching her but not quite. She could feel the heat of his skin. “Come on, let’s go outside. Away from all this noise.”

“If you think for one second that I’m going to go anywhere with you, you’re insane,” she said, straightening.

He brushed her hair off one shoulder and just barely skimmed his finger across her exposed collarbone. She stiffened. Her entire body throbbed. No one else elicited these primal emotions from her. Not even the guy she’d given her virginity to. The guy no one knew about.

“I promise I won’t touch you,” he growled out. “Unless you beg me to.”

Stacia smacked him in the chest and stormed away. What an arrogant jackass! How dare he say those things to her! For all he knew, she was still dating Marshall. Pace was so testy over the fact that he thought she’d slept with Marshall when they were together, yet here he was, seducing her, while he still believed she was with Marshall. Ass!

Pace chuckled behind her. “Come on, Stacia. I’m just messing with you.”

He followed her across the crowded room until she reached the restroom. Then, he did exactly what he’d said he wouldn’t. He grabbed her arm and kept her from entering a place he wouldn’t follow.

“Seriously, what’s up?” he asked.

“Do you really want to know?” Fury and also desperation coated her features. She really wanted to tell someone. She wanted it off her chest.

“Yeah. Though this fire is pretty hot.” He raised an eyebrow.

“God, is everything just a joke to you?” she asked.

His eyes shot straight through her. “Not everything.”

“Feels like it. I feel like a joke to you.”

“Most things, Pink,” he said, stepping closer, “but not you. Never you.”

Stacia tensed as she forgot the world around her. Pace had a way of doing that—making her lose herself. But all she did by losing herself was open herself up for him to hurt her. Time and time again.

“Pace,” she said through a shuddering breath.

“I won’t take what isn’t mine.”


“I just still consider you mine.”


 My Review

While this wasn’t my favorite book from K.L. Linde, I will say that there were elements that I really enjoyed throughout this book.  She never fails to give us angst and anguish in a book.  That’s one of the reasons I always love her books.  She’s made me love and hate characters with passion.  I will say from the moment that I started this I hated Marshall, he was a complete tool, and the way he spoke to Stacia had me wanting to reach through the book and punch him in the junk!  However I immediately didn’t like Stacia either.  Now I was at a slight disadvantage where I hadn’t read any of the previous books so I wasn’t quiet sure what to make of her.  Throughout the book she was quite wishy washy for me.  I like my heroines strong, but I kept reminding myself that this is a college girl, who just literally turned her world upside down and is trying to find who she truly wants to be.  They always say that people can change and I wanted to believe that about Stacia.  I liked her in the end but felt a little like her reasons for acting how she did, weren’t quite fully flushed out.

The character I loved from the beginning is Pace.  He knew what he wanted and he was going to get it.  He was passion and determination all wrapped up in the starting QB hot body of the LV football team.  I loved Pace’s character, he wasn’t afraid to call it like he saw it, and he was willing to do what he needed to get Stacia back where she belonged.  This was a complete role reversal from what we usually see.  Typically we have the girl who’s strong and not all over the map, but in this one, it’s Pace.  It was refreshing to a point, but I really disliked Stacia’s attitude toward Pace at times, and felt some of her reactions were a bit over dramatized, but for me Pace just stole the show.  He was a solid guy, knowing what he wanted, and going for it, no matter what it took.

In the end I enjoyed the story and I thought that the side characters, which I know are from the previous books were mixed in just enough to give me the dynamic of the whole group.  I want to go back and read the rest because I’m intrigued about the other couples and their stories.  Pace truly stole my heart from the beginning and was what kept me reading throughout.  In the end I was cheering for them and hoping that they could both find what they wanted in life and love.

three-half-starsthree-half-starsthree-half-stars3.5 Stars

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editkylaK.A. Linde is the USA Today bestselling author of the Avoiding series and the All That Glitters series as well as seven additional novels. She get up as a military brat traveling the United States and even landing for a brief stint in Australia. She has a Masters degree in political science from the University of Georgia and is the current head coach of the Duke University dance team.

An avid traveler, reader, and bargain hunter, K.A. Linda currently lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, with her husband and two super adorable puppies.