The highly anticipated Sequel to One Southern Night is here!  Author Marissa Carmel has continued Kamdyn & Laney’s story in One Northern Morning 



Alabama's golden boy has everything he's ever wanted.

He's smashed the school record for most passing yards, touchdown passes and completed passes during his college career. He is the winner of the Maxwell Award as the Nation's best all-around player, and is slated to enter the NFL draft. But even with all his success, he was unable to hold onto the one thing that was most important to him-Laney Summers.

Laney and Kam have long since gone their separate ways, but one Friday morning sports broadcasting class and an unforeseen threat to Kam's brightly shining future has these two back on a very familiar path. A path full of love and lust
and unresolved feelings. A path where life-altering decisions have to be made, and questions need to be answered - like what's more important your heart or your career.
One Northern Morning


My Review

I was so excited to read this one.  I absolutely love Marissa Carmel, and her writing!  When we left off with Kam and Laney after One Southern Night, there was no way of telling what the future might hold for them.

Fast forward a few years to their senior year of college, Kam ready to enter the NFL draft and Laney ready to start an internship in New York City.  Their paths have crossed a few times, but the falling out between them evident from the beginning.  Kam has apparently gone back to his old ways of sleeping with anything that walks and Laney has moved on to a more stable relationship, out of the limelight, but still evident that she harbors some pain of what transpired over the years between her and Kam.

The moment that they meet up in a class neither expected the other to be enrolled in, the fireworks started to fly.  Just like when they were in high school their relationship was all push and pull, their banter and antics still the same, but that is what makes them so perfect!  Their chemistry is off the charts, however this is still one major issue… Kam is still the center of attention, and Laney never feels like she will be #1 in his world.

These two will drive you crazy, but you’ll be cheering for them anyway!  I loved their family dynamic, I love Laney’s dad and his voice of reason when it comes to matters of the heart and going after what you truly want.  I loved Kam’s determination not to make the same mistakes of the past, but having no control over it when history starts to repeat itself….  This novella was the perfect continuation of their story, and I can only hope that Marissa gives us more… I just love these two so much I’d love to see what might happen next for them both!!!

If you haven’t read these two novella, and you love a sweet and sexy read pick these up today!  You won’t be sorry…



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Previous books in the series….


 One Southern Night

Book One 

Southern Nights Novella Series

Kamdyn Ellis is the man.

Mr. All-Star athlete and resident bad boy. #7 quarterback on the field, and #1
player off.

Every guy at school wants to be him, and every girl at school wants to date
him. Well, except Laney Summers that is. The sassy city girl is the only one
immune to Kam’s clear blue eyes and arsenal of southern charm. But when a debilitating
injury sidelines Kam’s future and ability to play football, it’s Laney who is
tasked to be his tutor while he recuperates at home.

The chemistry between Kam and Laney is undeniable, and after months of ignoring
what’s clearly evident, Laney gives in. Allowing herself one night with Kam, no
strings attached, no commitment to speak of. Alone, under the stars, on the
fifty-yard line, Kam and Laney set out to discover if what they have is real,
or just one steamy southern night.


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About Marissa Carmel

Marissa Carmel

Marissa Carmel has loved writing ever since a young age. She has a duel degree in History and Political Science, but took as many creative writing classes in college as she could. She spent most of her twenties bartending which is where she met her husband and a multitude of interesting people. When she’s not reading or writing, she’s hanging out with her family, experimenting in her kitchen or doing yoga on the living room floor.