On the Line by Victoria Denault
Publication Date: December 6th, 2016
Publisher: Forever Yours
Genre: Contemporary Romance




He had total control of his game–until she changed all the rules . . .
As one of the best players in the NHL and the “golden boy” of the league, Avery Westwood knows he has to keep his cool–on and off the ice. His whole life is a carefully constructed image of perfection for the media and his brand sponsors. Of course, that means he can never let his true feelings show. But when it comes to the sexy sister of his former teammate, Avery might be willing to make an exception . . . even if it means breaking all his own rules.

As far as Stephanie Deveau is concerned, having a thing for Avery is the equivalent of psychological napalm. Très bad idea. Then he moves in next door, all sexy smiles and a deliciously hot body that she can’t resist. Something’s happening between them–it’s intense, a little (a lot) out of control, and real. Only Avery doesn’t know everything about Stephanie’s past. And the one exception to his rule might just be the one girl who could destroy his career.

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My Review

This is my favorite book of the series! I have been waiting for “Mr. Perfect Westwood” to fall from grace and I don’t mean that in a bad way. Throughout this entire series Avery Westbrook has been the epitome of self-righteousness. From his killer good looks, to being the golden boy of the sport, a teammate everyone loves. Avery had it all. But what you see on the outside isn’t always a direct reflection of the inside. Avery to me was very much a boy in a mans body. He was groomed from a very young age to eat, sleep and breath, not only hockey, but his image. He’s poised and says all the right things at all the right times. He’s professional in his personal life, but he’s really just a lonely man on the inside.

When Stephanie stuck it to Avery in the last book in this series (and these can be read as stand alone yes, but they kick off in the last book) I knew that Avery and Steph were going to be explosive. But since Steph is a recovering drug addict, she has reservations about having a relationship with Avery. His need to be the perfectly polished golden boy following all the rules all the time, lead Steph to believe that she wouldn’t be good for Avery. His father would never approve if he knew her past. But feelings cannot be kept isolated forever and when Avery becomes more then her brothers old teammate and the truths unravel, the fireworks fly!

This book is full of lust, passion, and some heartbreak. Steph is just trying to live past her past, but it comes up to haunt her in a brutal public fashion and you will cry for her heartache. I was so sad that Steph had to endure the ridicule she did. She was young and made mistakes, we all do. But seeing the transformation of Avery was what warmed my heart the most. Watching him grown into the man I knew from the beginning he could be was a pleasurable ride! From the time we met him in this series, I laughed at his antics and his rituals. Especially his Chicken Parm before games ritual, which is just too funny! But there is so much more to Avery’s personality then what we saw previously! I adored him before during and after. Even if I did get pretty mad at some of his decisions at times.

If you haven’t read the Hometown Players series I highly recommend reading them all! They are all fantastic for their own reasons, but Avery Westwood has officially skated away with my heart!


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About Victoria Denault

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Victoria Denault loves long walks on the beach, cinnamon dolce lattes and writing angst-filled romance. She lives in LA but grew up in Montreal, which is why she is fluent in English, French and hockey.