We are told that God will punish the wicked. That sinful men will reap what they sow. We are told to scourge our souls with prayer and pain to become clean once again.

Well, here I am. Wicked and sinful. Desperate to become clean…even though it feels so good to be dirty.

But even I never expected what came next.

Even I never expected my punishment to come so soon.

***Midnight Mass is a novella and a sequel to Priest. It’s intended for mature audiences only.***
Midnight Mass



My Review

I have been eagerly anticipating Midnight Mass since the moment I heard it was in the works! After Priest, I knew I would NEVER be able to get enough of Father “Will Never Look at Anointing Oil the Same Again” Bell. Priest was one of the hottest, most angsty and beautiful books I have read in a long, long time. The taboo relationship between Poppy and Father Bell kept me on the edge of my seat and turning pages as fast as I could! As I started reading Midnight Mass, I was once again on that edge wondering where on Earth Sierra Simone was going to go with their relationship??

MM picks up 3 years later with our sinful couple married and in a bit of a “funk”. Not a sexual funk, GOD no, but at a bit of a crossroads in their marriage. Father Bell (I know he is no longer a priest, but I just can’t call him anything but Father Bell) is diligently working on his dissertation to earn his PhD and Poppy is in the middle of a huge project at work. They seem to be barely crossing paths and losing touch. Except for the super hot, sizzling, steamy, diiirrrttty sex! There is NO problem in that department. In fact, it is game on right in Chapter 1.

“I wish you could see how filthy you look right now. I can’t decide whether I should make a filthy girl like you come on her own fingers…or come on my cock.”

Oh dear LORD…decisions, decisions? Unfortunately for our couple, the sex just isn’t enough. Father Bell struggles to manage his dissertation and his marriage. He, once again, finds himself plagued with guilt. And I’m not talking about the guilt I feel when I eat an entire pan of fudge brownies (not that I ever do that;) but all consuming, eats away at him, get out the hair shirt G.U.I.L.T. This poor man just seems determined to be a martyr in some way, shape or form.

Meanwhile, Poppy is going through her own struggles. As a result they drift further and further apart until Father Bell finally realizes that his guilt seems to be the root of all his problems.

“I told you I was addicted to guilt. And like any addict, I needed to hit rock bottom.”

Luckily, Father Bell sees the error of his ways just in time. I won’t give away any more but there are some parts you don’t expect that test his faith and will have you reaching for the tissue box. I can’t recommend this series enough, but you have to be prepared…it is NOT for the prude of heart. It’s as deliciously dirty as it is beautifully written. 5 huge, shining stars for Midnight Mass and it definitely has my “blessing”.







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About Sierra Simone

Sierra Simone is a former librarian who spent too much time reading romance novels at the information desk. She lives with her husband and family in Kansas City.