Dane Prescott spends his days staring at perfect holes, and knows how to use his stiff shaft to get there. He’s as hot as he is good at the sport he loves more than breathing.

Dane has one goal and one goal only, to be on the professional golf tour. It’s who he is and what he lives for. Women, although fun, aren't in his long-term plans.

Beverly Whitfield didn’t start off as the confident woman she is today. Teased mercilessly as a child and always feeling second-best, she set out to change her future and is finally putting herself first. Never in her wildest imagination did she think she’d fall for a man with stunning good looks and sex seeping from his pores. And, oh yeah, he plays golf.

To those who say golf is complicated and frustrating, Dane says, “No, that’s love.”

**Intended for readers over the age of 18**
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My Review

Golf?!.. Yup, GOLF… I didn’t know what I was getting going into this book. But I said yes to this arc…  based on the cover alone it’s hot.   First of all,  I know nothing about the game so I was nervous , thinking I would be a lost little ‘birdie’ LOL..  I STILL don’t know what a birdie means … But that doesn’t  mean I didn’t understand what was going on in the book.. Because obviously  I understood all the sexual innuendos behind the words ‘stroke’! And ‘threesome’ or ‘foursome’ … Oh yeah.. A whole lot of sexual TENSION can come from the game of GOLF! Who knew? I loved it!

“But stretching in golf is like foreplay before sex. You can’t just thrust right into it and not expect a bit of pain. If you’re relaxed and ready to go, it will be much more enjoyable. Trust me… I’m an expert.” “At which one?” One of her brows arched. “Sex or golf?” “Hopefully, you’ll find out the answer on your own. For now, let’s start with golf.” Dane ~  (sweet lawd)

Dane is on the fast track to becoming a professional golfer.  He’s working at a golf club till he goes on tour. He meets Beverly one night at the club. It’s during one of their yearly fundraisers. She’s the prettiest thing he’s ever seen…. Turns out Beverly wins golf lessons in the silent auction.  Her parents knew that she would love the charity that the money was going to. Beverly has a passion for underprivileged children. You will find her working in the homeless shelters on the weekends…  but by day Beverly is a schoolteacher….. Oh, and did I tell you Beverly hates golf? And everything the game represents. Hoity-toity, rich people with their nose in the air. Spending way to much time  at the club. Beverly would rather make a difference with her time.

Gripped was a refreshing change from what I’d been reading lately. It was a light, easy read, that made me LOL… Not to heavy on cocky or steam, but BOTH were present and made me SWOON over Dane!! ️  I HAVE to have some steam and cocky with my books…  ;) … And it was perfect combo! Do not hesitate to curl up with this lil gem..




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Writing has been something that has been private and not shared until the day she decided to publish Unexpected Chance. Waking up one morning to the voices of Alex Logan and Aubrey Ryan changed everything!!

She is an avid sports fan especially when it comes to the New York Yankees & Dallas Cowboys. She also enjoys playing and watching golf.

She firmly believes when that unexpected chance comes, take it. Don't let it pass you by. You never know what you could be missing.


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