Rules of engagement:

1) You have the right to use force to defend yourself.

2) Fire may be returned to stop a hostile attack.

3) You may not seize the property of others to accomplish your mission.

4) Detention of civilians is authorized in self-defense.

Delilah Morgan and her older sister Destiny have been on their own for two years, since their parents burned down the family home and went to jail for cooking meth. She’s street smart and tough. Nothing about her says sixteen, and she’s not about to tell anyone, especially Bran, the hot ex-marine bartender Destiny has her eye on. He’s stable and successful and everything her sister needs to keep them off the street. The only problem, something about Bran inspires her and suddenly she’s writing the best music she ever has. About him.

Branson Silo knows what it means to be in the line of fire. Home for a year from his second tour of duty in Afghanistan, he thinks he’s safe…until he meets Delilah. Despite her sharp tongue that makes him want to take cover, he can’t deny the attraction. But when he hires her to play weekends at his family’s saloon, he finds out she’s more than he can handle…which is saying something considering he used to blow things up for a living.

When the grenade finally explodes and the shrapnel flies, will Bran be left standing? Or has he survived years at war only to be taken down by Jail Bait?
Getting Hot
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My Review

Where do I start with this review? I have a lot of thoughts and emotions right now. I’ve loved this series from the beginning. Taboo is my FAVORITE and especially student/teacher taboo! However, although Getting Hot had that taboo element, it was very different from the first two books in this series.

GH is the story of Bran and Lilah. Bran is working as a bartender in his family’s bar after serving with the Marines in Afghanistan. He is brooding, gorgeous and has NO problem attracting the ladies. Unfortunately for the ladies, Bran isn’t looking for any type of relationship and is dealing with a lot of really heavy PTSD type stuff as a result of his time served in the war. Bran is everything I love in a book boyfriend….gorgeous and protective. It also doesn’t hurt that he says things like…

“And just so you know, next time I’m going to take my time and make you come so many times you lose count.”

Um…OK and yes, please! He is definitely NOT lacking in the sex department!

Lilah, the oh so lucky recipient of Bran’s affection, is kind of a lost soul who has lived a very rough life in her short 16 years. Yeah, that’s right…I said six-freakin-teen!! Bran left for boot camp EIGHT years ago…do the math!! Yep, we are talking a 10 year difference here. At this point I was all like..WTF and OMG…where can this possibly go??? Well…Lilah is essentially an orphan (her dad is dead and her mom is in the pokey) living with her older sister. Oh, and did I mention her sister, Destiny, slept with Bran first and is trying to snag him so she can give herself and her sister a more stable life? No, didn’t mention that? Well, this is about the point where it got a little bit “Jerry Springer” up in here. I mean, come on??? Again, where the hell can this possibly go?

At this point I’m ¾ through the book and I’m at a loss. But then, Bran says stuff like this…and I have hope.

“I would wait forever for you. I’ve survived snipers and landmines, and I honestly never fully understood why we were even there. But with you, my eyes are wide open. I’m making the choice, and whatever the consequences are, I’m ready to handle them. If I have to wait, I’ll wait. But I’ll never quit you, Lilah. I can’t.”

Oh dear Lord! I can’t say anymore, because I don’t do spoilers, but I will leave you with this. This book was very well written, I loved the characters and somehow…to my total disbelief…it has a HEA. It is a great, hot read and I’m giving it a solid 3.5 stars!

three-half-starsthree-half-starsthree-half-stars3.5 Stars



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