The life of a session musician is rarely easy. After consecutive tour cancellations and a stack of unpaid bills, Chloe Bennett fears her dream has come to an end.

Then everything changes.

Indie rocker Reid Ryder needs a replacement violinist for his tour. For Chloe, it’s the opportunity of a lifetime. For Reid, it’s a checkmark off his list. Already battling addiction, guilt, and his inability to write new music, Reid's hopeful that things are finally falling into place.

But life is never predictable.

When the tour begins, he finds himself drawn to Chloe. She challenges and inspires him. Their onstage chemistry is electric. To the outside world, they’re the perfect match. To those involved, however, it’s not so simple. When Reid’s no longer sure that the future he planned is the one he wants, a choice must be made.

Love...or loyalty.
Brooklyn & Beale
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An Excerpt from Brooklyn & Beale

“I can’t lose you, Chloe.”

“Lose me in what way, Reid? I’m your bandmate. But beyond that, what is there?”

She was so much more than his bandmate, but he could never tell her that. “You’re my best friend.”



My Review

First I must say that this cover is truly stunning and totally encompasses Chloe and her style….

I found Olivia Evans through a good friend who’d asked me to read this up and coming authors book Hollywood & Vine… She told me that the book was fan fiction originally but had been revamped into Contemporary.  I was always happy to give a new author a shot!  And what a SHOT she gave me!  I feel in love immediately and that’s no easy feat because I’m not a huge fan of books written in 3rd person.  But the book was fantastic and certainly didn’t read like a new comer!  So when I received the request to read her second book, I jumped up and down and begged… lol.. not really but I was super excited to see what she had in store for us.

What I got was another book that I fell in love with from the moment it started!  Chloe and Reid are such realistic characters you want to climb through the book and become a part of their band family!  Chloe had been struggling to find work, and one phone call turned her entire life around, not only did she get a job, but a job with one of the hottest bands around!  Chloe being no stranger to the business was up and running in no time with the band, impressing them all.  What impressed her most was the way Reid seemed to take a shinning to her… But she didn’t know that Reid had a girlfriend.  Now what I was expecting was a love triangle, but that’s not at all what you get in this story.

Reid and Chloe form this unshakable bond over music.  Ried’s been suffering from some issues and those issues have stifled his ability to write music.  With Chloe’s help and encouragement Reid finds his groove again.  But his past can come to bite him in the you know what at any time, and he fights hard against the addictions he’d formed.  On a much needed break Reid find himself again, realizes what he needs, and more so what he wants. Ried just has to make decisions and follow his heart…

What you get with this story is a true bond of friendship, what having people believe in you can do for your mind, body and soul.  Sometimes letting go of the past, and what you thought you needed is cleansing in more ways than one.  Reid and Chloe were engrained in my heart from the first chapter to the very last.  There were times I wasn’t sure how it was going to end and when it did, I was satisfied to the maximum with the story.  Totally opposite from her first book, Brooklyn & Beale has that slow build that brings you to the edge, then leaves you hanging time and again, but the torture is totally worth it in the end! I loved every minute beginning to end of this book!

If you love a good story that twists your emotions, and makes you fall in love with the story, the characters and the scenery surrounding them, you should pick his one up, you won’t be sorry!


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About Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans is a dreamer by day, writer by night. She's obsessed with music and loves discovering new bands. Traveling the world and watching the sun set in every time zone sounds like heaven to her. A true Gemini, she follows her heart blindly and lives life to the fullest with her husband, son, and friends. Her other loves are: Chuck Taylors, Doc Martens, concert tees, gangster movies, sports, wine, craft beer and her shih tzu's.


  1. Olivia says

    Oh my stars!!! Thank you so much for this AHHHHHHMAZING review!!! I’m bleary eyed and my face is all hot and ugh. You’ve made me emotional. Lol thank you for taking a chance on me and this story. But most of all, thank you for getting it. There’s no better feeling in the world. ❤️❤️❤️❤️