I've loved once. I gave everything that I had to that love. Blindly believing that nothing could ever take that feeling away from me. Away from us. And when my little world of happiness was ripped from my fingers, I felt a loss that still haunts me to this day.

Now I use that lingering grief as a shield to keep my heart from loving again. It's that fear that keeps me from letting anyone, except my daughter, get close enough to make it hurt. To make my heart bleed when I inevitably lose again.

Until the day I met Liam Beckett and everything I thought I had protected myself from was shoved back in my face.

He's on a mission to prove to me that a love worth having is a love worth fighting for.
Bleeding Love
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An Excerpt from Bleeding Love

His mouth leaves mine and with his hand still on my leg, he demands, “Dig your heels in deep, baby.”

I give him what he wants, but not because he told me to.  I give him what he wants because when his hand leaves my leg and pushes into the mattress, bringing his body up he goes even deeper into my body and those heels push hard.

Just as he demanded earlier, my hands go to his shoulders on my own accord and as he takes my body hard, my nails dig in with my heels still pushing hard against the small of his back.  Our eyes never leave each other’s probing gaze.  Never once do I take my eyes away from his, so full of lust that I know there isn’t an ounce of control left in his body.

He drops his head and I lift up to meet him in a kiss so sweet it doesn’t match the powerful way that he’s taking my body.  A kiss that gives me more than words ever could at this moment.  His hips slow and as his tongue rolls against mine, his hips start to take me in slow, deep rolls.  He doesn’t pull back, just rocks his hips against mine.

I push up and cry out when he slips even deeper.

His lips come from mine and his hooded eyes open a sliver.  “Feels like heaven,” he says softly.  “Everything, darlin’.  Feels like everything.”


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My Review

I’m going to be honest here. It took me a little bit to get into this book. At first I wasn’t sure it was for me, which was surprising because I have thoroughly enjoyed many of Harper Sloan’s other books. However, once I hit 23% I was ALL in and could NOT put my Kindle down. What changed my mind, you ask? Easy…

Liam Beckett. Holy sweet mother of baby Jesus in a manger! Liam “Mothereffing Panty Melting” Beckett. I’m not exaggerating here, y’all. It isn’t every day that a specimen of book boyfriend this perfect comes along. This incredible man is the perfect mix of everything a book boyfriend should be. He is gorgeous, sexy, determined, protective, great with kids, loyal and dear LAWD can he bring it in the sex department. I’m pretty sure he could teach a class on dirty talk, he is such an expert. I haven’t swooned this much in a while. How can I not when he says things like THIS…

“The smell of you, God damn. I thought I was starving for you before. I’m going to eat you until you can’t breathe, Megan. Fucking drown in you.”

Um…yes, please!! And that’s just the teeny, tiny tip of the iceberg!

Ok,now that I’m done swooning and gushing over Liam, here is a little story summary. Liam is a sexy as hell (oops, there I go again!) police officer who has found the perfect woman for him and her name is Megan. Megan is a widowed single mom to an adorable 5 year old little girl named Molly. She has had a really tough life up to this point. I’m talking some seriously bad stuff has happened to this poor woman. As a result, Megan has some major issues about just letting people in, let alone letting someone in enough to fall in love.

Luckily for all of us, Liam is one determined man. He simply refuses to take no for an answer and comes up with a Feel List to make Megan come alive and start living again. Thankfully, Megan finds him as hard to resist as I do and doesn’t hold out for too long. I mean, how could you?? He doesn’t only deliver multiple orgasms, but there is also this happening…

“I’ll say it as many times as you need it, but it won’t change. I’m in love with you. I love you. I love you, Megan-you and Molly. So fucking in love with you that I knew it before you said your first word to me.”

Do I really need to say anymore here?? Get the book, read it, fall in love with Liam and enjoy their story. I promise you will be happy you did! This one is a solid 4 shiny stars for me!




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About Harper Sloan


Harper is a NEW YORK TIMES, WALL STREET JOURNAL and USA TODAY bestselling author residing in Georgia with her husband and three daughters. She has a borderline unhealthy obsession with books, hibachi, tattoos and Game of Thrones. When she isn't writing you can almost always find her with a book in hand.


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    AFJ. Mandy – I’ve never heard Bryn’s full story of how he came to be with the wild unicorns – maybe that would be a good one for some fan fciiton some time? I’ve not heard tell that any of the animals in Faerie are immortal – but you never know.I don’t think Gabriel was capable of loving anyone at all once he got corrupted and ruined by the Dark Arts – he just used people for his own ends. I’m pretty sure Tania didn’t really love him at all – a person can fool themselves into thinking they’re in love with someone charismatic and attractive and powerful – and I think she just got swept along by him. But wouldn’t it be creepy if she had loved him a bit and if that love was still inside her, sleeping but able to be woken up?