Title: Auctioned to the Billionaire
Author: Kira Bloom
Genre: New Adult Romance
Release Date: August 22, 2017


I’ve got one month to come up with enough to help my
impulsive father pay off his debt to the Cades.
Twenty thousand dollars in thirty days.
My roommate has a plan—scratch that, she’s already followed
through with her plan.
Auction off my V-card.
It’s a tale as old as time, but there’s just one problem:
Jackson Cade just placed the winning bid … of 200,000 dollars.
And there are no refunds.
The moment I saw her on that site, she was mine.
The second she laid eyes on me and realized who I was, she
hated me.
Felicity should thank me—I’ve just settled her father’s debt
and fucked myself ten times over because I want her.
She claims she’ll never sell out.
She already has. 
She asks why I’d pay so much, but it’s fucking obvious.
I wanted to be her first.
She just doesn’t realize I’ll be her last.



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My Review

Holy Crap what a debut!!!!! I’m not usually one to gush over the virgin type books, but honestly this one had a reason for that being a big part of the story line and it fit perfectly!

Felicity and Jackson have that instant chemistry that jumps from the pages at you. From the moment this one began it was fast paced and well developed. Sometimes these quick reads leave a lot to be desired and they are all sex and no story. That is not the case with this Kria Bloom book! Right out of the gate you know that it will be off the charts passionate and steamy, but have a fairly believable storyline that doesn’t make your eyes roll…

The storyline is pretty simple actually but has a few twists that you won’t see coming. Jackson is both demanding and sweet all wrapped in one sexy male specimen. Auctioned to the Billionaire is a well thought out plot and storyline packed into a short read that doesn’t drag on. Kira gives us just the right amount of steam that will keep you reading straight through the end!

I cannot wait to see what this duo comes up with next!!!



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Author Bio

We are two friends who are NY Times Bestselling authors.
While we love our romance sweet and long, we also like it hot and quick with
filthy-talking alphas, virgins who swoon, and enough naughty sex to make the Energizer
bunny blush.