I recently was told by a few friends that I needed to start my own book blog.  I thought about it before but didn’t really know if this was something I would want to do or be good at.  I am going to give it a shot!  I really enjoy reading and have read many books over the past year.  I decided on a whim to grab the first Twilight book on a flight home to the east coast from San Francisco in August 2011.  Since then I have read well over 200 books and my list grows weekly sometimes daily.  Just this morning I was updating my list of books that I am waiting for and I have over 50 books on the list not to mention all the books that I haven’t found yet!  I am excited to try to bring you my recommendations and talk and meet new people with the same love of books!  I will try to go back and review some of my favorite books from the last year as well as keep this blog updated with up and coming books!!!! I am really excited to start this blog and hope you all enjoy my views and my enthusiasm for books. 

About Me:  I am a mother and wife.  I work full time as a System Analyst and have a background in Computer Science.  I have two boys Hunter and Max and two step sons Noah and Lucas.  I enjoy READING go figure.  I like all types of books really I have read some of the most popular series out there as well as a lot of books that nobody has ever heard of!  My biggest love is of all things Mickey Mouse and Disney World.  My family travels to Disney often and by often I mean sometimes more then once a year.  I reside in my hometown of Nazareth, Pa with my husband and my 2 boys.