LAST CHRISTMAS by Marie Coulson

If you haven’t read Bound Together you must read it first…

A novella in Ollie’s point of view. This book is a follow on from Marie Coulson’s debut novel Bound Together.

How do you get over a love you can’t live without? How do you move on? It’s been months since she left but Layla Jennings, has left more than Long Beach behind. She’s also left Ollie and his shattered heart.


Last Christmas I had everything I’d ever dreamed of. The perfect place, the perfect gift and the perfect girl. And now it’s all gone. It’s lost in a sea of broken promises, lies, cheating and torn hearts. Christmas won’t be the same without you and I’m damned if I’ll let myself wallow. But how can I let go of us, when I can’t stop thinking about you? It’s Christmas time in Utah, but my mind is on you. It’s across oceans,miles away and this year, all I want for Christmas…is you. 

My Review:

I loved bound together and at the end of the book I was thrilled with the choice that Layla made.  After reading this Novella I am not sure I am 100% Team Jared.  I am not usually one for switching up sides when it comes to books but this little Novella made my heart ache for Ollie. 

After Layla sends Ollie a text message telling him they are over, Ollie tries for a year to get over the broken heart and hole that Layla has left him with.  He does some not so nice things in this little Novella.  But I found myself understanding why he was doing them, not that I agree with his method because it never does solve his problem.

What surprised me most was Mel and Amy.  When Oliver decides to make another visit for Christmas to California they offer to bring him back to Mel’s parents house, which happens to be across the street from Layla’s family home.  I was surprised at the way that they handle it in the end and the conclusion that they come to!  

It was the perfect connection between Bound Together and the sequel Torn Apart which is due out in the Spring.  Marie has a vivid imagination with these characters and a wicked sense of humor.  I cannot wait to see where Oliver, Layla and Jared end up when this is over… 

Consider me Torn Apart at how I want this to end!!!!!

I give this little Novella a solid 4 STARS it is well written and gives us a good insight into what is to come in the next book.

If you haven’t read Bound Together pick it up here…